It’s only when years go by that we realize how careless we were during our younger years. When a wrinkle makes its appearance and the entire world seems to be stopping. It’s not the end of the world, but sometimes, it may seem like it. But what can be done? While it may be too late to reverse these signs, at least all of them, it’s the perfect proof that prevention is key when it comes to our appearance and skin. This is why skin care is so important regardless if we are 20 or 60. So, in order to offer you a helping hand in this matter, we have made a list of some of the best skin care blogs that you should be following.
Not all of these authors are doctors, but they are normal people who have become passionate about skin care. Moreover, they decided to share their secrets with the world, in the hope that they might help others too. These skin care blogs will answer your most ardent questions and will offer you some of the best advice that you can get. Here are some of the best skin care blogs that you should follow right now if you haven’t already. Here we go!

1. The Love Vitamin

The blog called The Love Vitamin was created by Tracy Raftl, a woman on a mission. She wants to help anyone who has ever suffered or suffers from acne, like she once did. She struggled too but eventually came out of that fight with clear skin and an attitude that might one day move some mountains. Her before and after pictures will encourage you to continue and her tips and trick might change your life completely. If there’s a leader of the clear skin revolution, it’s her!

2. Dr. Bailey Skin Care

Dr. Cynthia Bailey is a professional. Moreover, a board-certified dermatologist from California with over 25 years of experience in helping people deal with their skin problems. Over the years, she has helped over 13,000 patients, regardless if they suffered from acne, rosacea, or anything else. That also includes wrinkles and signs of aging. She started the blog called Dr. Bailey Skin Care back in 2009 with only one goal in her mind: to help as many people as possible with their skin issues and offer professional skin care advice. It must be said that her focus are middle-aged women. So, if you fit in that category, Dr. Bailey is your hope.

3. Jenni Raincloud

Jenni Raincloud is an aesthetician with over ten years of experience and a blog that might become your new favorite. She is also passionate about makeup, apart from skin care. But what’s even more interesting is that Jenni will teach you how to make your own beauty products while ditching the toxins in those regular ones. Her tips will change your life and her blog will encourage you to become a totally different person.

In conclusion

So, what did you think about our list of the best skin care blogs that you should be following right now? Did you know about them? Will you follow them? Tell us down below if you also know other similar blogs.
Image source: pixabay