Eyebrow extensions aren’t the kind of thing you can experience from the comfort of your own home, unfortunately. But don’t let that discourage you. Paying a visit to a salon isn’t the same harrowing experience as a dentist’s office – or, at the very least, it shouldn’t be. Rest assured, these interventions are painless and relatively quick anyway. All that’s left is picking the right kind of salons which provide the right kind of people. After all, it’s possible to mess up even something as apparently easy-to-master.

The US is big, big enough for there to be quite a length list of places which offer eyebrow extensions on the ‘menu.’ So, don’t fret if you don’t see a salon near you on the list below.

4 Eyebrow Extensions Places in the USA

#1 Luxx Lash Salon

Description: “The goal of our lash salon is to enhance the beauty of each customer in a comfortable, safe and upscale environment where only the highest quality materials and highly trained technicians are utilized. We strive to obtain the ultimate in customer satisfaction in order to create a long term relationship with our guests. We look forward to making you feel and look even more beautiful!”


  • Richardson, Texas
  • Addison, Texas

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#2 Busy Brows

Description: “Similar to eyelash extensions, existing eyebrow hairs are extended and shaped with synthetic brow extensions offering more length, definition and color. Eyebrow extensions are attached with a medical grade adhesive specifically designed for bonding with existing hair and skin.

Come and meet us today and be amazed at the results!”


  • Torrance, California

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#3 Pinky’s Brow & Lash Boutique

Description: “Your eyebrows illustrate your inner character before you even say a word. Carefully sculpted brows, say I’m vivacious. Sexy, beautiful, and the embodiment of a woman. Now look in the mirror and ask, what do your eyebrows say about you!

With gifted hands, Valencia J has become a guru in the field of eyelashes, brows and makeup. A certified educator Valencia possesses the skills necessary to achieve a sculpted brow to accentuate and enhance your style.”


  • Gaithersburg, Maryland

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#4 Eye Design New York

Description: “Yes, musicians and Hollywood stars have secrets that help them look so attractive.  One that’s becoming more popular with every day in America with normal women trying to look better than ever is eyebrow extensions NY.  They bring a dramatic look, they are affordable and are quickly becoming the next big thing.

And no one does them better in the New York area than Nadia Afaneseva and NM Beauty.”


  • New York, New York

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Wrapping Up

Big or small, renowned or just getting started… These aren’t the factors that we are considering. What really matters here is the expertise of the staff performing. And as long as there are enough positive reviews pouring down our way, we’ll take the bait. In conclusion, if you’ve been asking yourself what salon is worth paying a visit to for your eyebrow extensions, we hope we’ve helped clear off some of the confusion.