As you probably know by now, toenail fungus is not something that looks or smells nice. If you have a toenail that splits, peels, or is yellow, you should consider toenail fungus as the primary cause. Studies have shown that 40 million Americans live with toenail fungus. This is why there are plenty of nail fungus treatment home remedies and even more OTC toenail fungus treatments. So which is the best nail fungus treatment OTC? After looking at the best toenail fungus treatment reviews and chatting with a few specialists, we managed to summarize a list of 6 OTC products that work!

1. Lamisil Cream

Lamisil is the brand name of terbinafine, a product designed to relieve you from toenail fungus symptoms. You can buy Lamisil over the counter in a cream, gel, spray, or powder form. The treatment should last from a few weeks to a few months, but it offers outstanding results. Doctors can also prescribe you terbinafine medication – one tablet daily. The treatment lasts around 12 weeks with proven results.

2. The Fungus Stop Solution

This is an organic product containing plenty of vitamins and essential oils. Of Greek origin, the Fungus Stop Solution works well against athletes’ foot, bacterial infections and parasites problems, toenail fungus, mycosis, and more. If you brush the nail with the solution (together with the areas under and surrounding the nail) on a daily basis, you should be free of toenail fungus in four weeks. The Fungus Stop Solution is perhaps the best nail fungus treatment OTC as reviewed by users.

3. Dr. Blaine’s Antifungal Cream

This cream contains teniacide, a time-tested, clinically proven treatment against fungus, yeast, and bacteria. Tineacide is one of the most common doctor-recommended non-prescription antifungal treatments to date. The medicine penetrates deep into the nail and the skin surrounding it, alleviating the symptoms and killing the fungus. For best results, you should treat the troublesome toenail with the cream daily for at least three months. Dr. Blaine’s Antifungal Cream has some of the best reviews from users and doctors alike.

4. Unesia Bifonazol Fungus Treatment Cream

People swear by this over-the-counter cream. It works fast to alleviate the toenail fungus symptoms such as pain, odor, and discoloration. People praise the Bifonazol Fungus Treatment Cream because it does not just make the symptoms go away; it kills away the fungus as well. This is one of the best-selling over-the-counter toenail fungus treatment.

5. Clearly Confident Antifungal Cream

This cream contains an Emu Oil patented formulation that promises results in only 28 days. The Clearly Confident Antifungal Cream is one of the best nail fungus treatment OTC that you can use. Among its primary results, we count the alleviation of scaling, cracking skin, pain, odor, discoloration, and redness symptoms. The cream also kills the fungus completely, so you will not have to worry about its return anytime soon after you finish the treatment.

6. Vaporub for Nail Fungus

One of last nail fungus treatment OTC you can think of is mentholated cream – or Vaporub. Although the research is just at the beginning, a small group of subjects was indeed delighted with the result. Vaporub alleviates the itching and soothes the toenail fungus overall symptoms.

What other best nail fungus treatment OTC do you use or have heard about? Did you try some of the products we mentioned? Did they work?

Header Image: Pexels