Every year, a whole bunch of tutorials appear to keep us busy from doing more productive work. It doesn’t even matter what they are about, makeup, hairstyles, or nail art. We simply cannot stop watching them. However, not every tutorial out there is good. But there are some that simply cannot be ignored because they are both useful and very nice to watch. This is why, in this article, we will show you some of the very best nail art tutorials of this year that have taken all of our attention so far.

What can be more pleasant than spending some of your free time surfing the web and watching video tutorials on various themes on YouTube? Makeup has started this trend but now, there is a tutorial for almost anything you can think of, including how to fix your sink. Today, we will be focusing on some of the best nail art tutorials for 2018 that contain some of the latest trends, or are simply excellent guides for anyone to follow, even beginners. You can even follow these peoples’ channel in order to get easier access to everything they post. Here we go!

1. Ultraviolet, Color of the year

In this very nice tutorial, YouTube channel “ipsy” is showing everyone, in a vertical video, how to create gorgeous nail art using the color of the year which is, according to experts, ultraviolet. The entire tutorial is very easy to follow, and the steps are done in a very simple way. Everyone can recreate this nail art, especially now that they know this is the color of the year. The nail art also contains some nicely-placed white and the year 2018 written on one of the nails. How cool is that? Just watch!

2. Chrome nails and stamping

In this second tutorial, YouTuber Sveta Sanders shows us how to create a black chrome nail art and teaches us the stamping technique. She also shows us how to apply the stamps correctly over a colored base and finally, how to correctly use the black chrome powder that can transform any nail art into a masterpiece. You only need to use your finger to create that amazing effect on your nails. Finally, apply a clear glossy top coat and voila! You have one of the trendiest nail designs for 2018 and a tutorial to learn how to do it!

3. Nail art for beginners with a toothpick

The YouTube channel called “cutepolish” posted one of the most useful nail art tutorials online. It shows beginners how to create amazing designs using only a toothpick and a bit of patience. The best part? The tutorial will teach you how to do five of the cutest such nail art designs in only one video! It features lots of looks for any taste and step by step guides on how to recreate them. What more can you wish for?

Wrapping it all up

So, what is your opinion on the best nail art tutorials for 2018 that we have shown you? Are they truly some of the most useful? Are you going to recreate the designs in them? If yes, show us your results down below!
Image source: flickr

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