Having thin hair can be a burden, we know that. However, today’s market has evolved to the point where it offers a myriad of solutions, permanent or not that fix that problem for you in the space of a few hours. We are talking, of course, about extensions. Volume and length in a heartbeat. But which ones are the best hair extensions for short thin hair? Read on and find out.

The first option you definitely need to look into is tape in hair extensions. Simply speaking, these are 2” wide wefts that get attached to your own hair using, yes, you’ve guessed it, tape, row by row. Why do ladies love them so much? The reasons are simple. They are very thin and lightweight, meaning you will not feel a thing while you have them on. Tape ins also cause very little damage to your natural hair, which is also a plus.

However, if tape ins don’t really seem like your cup of tea, there are also clip in hair extensions. They are easy enough to use. You just clip them on, as the name suggests. However, they might not be the best solution if you have thin hair. The clips used to hold them in place are typically heavy, which means they will weigh your hair down. Some ladies have even reported getting bald spots after using these.

Next on the list of the best hair extensions for short thin hair are micro links. Even though these are a pretty good solution, it’s definitely not one that you can go for multiple times. The process of putting them in and taking them out is a bit gruesome, involving all sorts of tools, including pliers. This results in pulling a lot of hair out. They are also very heavy and damage the hair if you use them for longer periods. Therefore, micro links might just be a one-time thing.

Last, but definitely not least, we have fusion hair extensions. They are also called keratin bonds because this is what they’re made of. These ones are tricky as well. They are made of completely natural hair. However, if you don’t have enough money, which is a lot, by the way, to splurge of the very good kind, you might as well not do it at all. The cheap type is almost always made of dead hair that comes from salons.

This means that, after you wash them for the first time, they will matte, rendering them unusable. Apart from that, they are also said to be the most challenging of all hair extensions comfort-wise. They need to be literally glued to your hair using tiny beads of keratin that will stay in your hair. You will always feel them there, especially when you sleep and they also make for awkward romantic cuddling.

The Verdict

So, now that we’ve seen the main types, what are the best hair extensions for short thin hair? Considering all the pros and cons for each one, we would have to say that the tape ins are the less damaging and most comfortable. However, you have to know that the extension game is a very personal one. What works for one lady might not work for another. Therefore, try them out for yourself and see how it goes!