If you want to find out which is the best hair color for olive skin, stay tuned. Many celebrities with olive skin may inspire you with their looks. Some may say that the recommend hair color for olive skinned women is a dark one. However, you can also choose a lighter color if you carefully choose an appropriate shade.

The Best Hair Color for Olive Skin which Can Make You Shine

Mahogany shade

You could try a mahogany or plum hair color, and you will definitely have an incredible look. Even if this hair color may seem edgy, it still matches to everyday settings, like school or work. However, you need to make sure your complexion is clear and healthy. If you have blemishes or acne, this hair color highlights your skin’s imperfections. Most likely, this is the only red shade that an olive skinned woman can confidently wear.

Golden highlights

Dye your hair brown and make sure you add some golden blonde highlights to make you stand out. A dark brown hair and blonde highlights will suit your olive complexion. Before highlighting your whole hair, make sure you test the color on a lock of hair. If you think that it is not too light, then you can start the process. You can save some money by doing this at home since you can find highlighting kits in a store.

Furthermore, you should also try out ombre hair, choosing a dark brown at the roots and a honey-shade of blonde towards the roots. This will look fantastic!

Dark brown

Many olive skinned women have naturally dark brown hair. The truth is that this is one of the best hair colors for olive skin. This brown hair tone will nicely contour your features without the need of too much make up. If you have white or gray hairs, you can find a dark brown hair dye to match your natural hair color.

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Choose the best hair color for olive skin and to complement your complexion.

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Black hair color

If you have naturally black hair, you should consider yourself lucky. This color perfectly matches your skin tone. Many olive skinned women who have dark brown hair sometimes choose to dye their hair black because they know that this shade fits them best, adding depth to their look.

If you do not want your hair to dry out and damage because of coloring it, you should better dye only the roots. You can prevent extra damage if your ends are still black. Do not reapply the color if it is not necessary. All the beautiful features will stand out when choosing this amazing hair color.

Blonde shades

When you want a blonde hair color, and you have olive skin tone, make sure you do not choose a yellow-like blonde. We all know that brown eyes and blonde hair are a perfect match, but pay attention to the blonde shade. Specialists indicate that a golden blonde will complement your olive skin and brown eyes. However, if you choose to go full blonde and not just highlights, you should first try the color on a hair lock. Make sure the blonde shade is not too light or too yellow.

Wrapping up

Now that you know which the best hair color for olive skin is, make sure you purchase the right hair dye. Enhance your overall look with some golden highlights or go full black, but remember that you need to nurture your hair.