Best Eyeshadow Colors for Green Eyes: 3 of the Best Options


Scientifically and statistically speaking, only 2% of all people on this planet are the proud possessors of green eyes. And let’s admit it, some of them are indeed special.

There is a broad pallet when it comes to this emerald color. Green eyes can have brown undertones, golden undertones. They can be mixed with blue shades or as green as the grass that is growing. It doesn’t even matter because whoever owns a pair of green eyes is surely a mesmerizing and fascinating individual.

For women, it gets even better because they can play around with makeup and make their beautiful eyes pop even more. However, mixing and matching hues can be pretty stressful, and we don’t always know what the best options for us are. That is why our team put together a list of the best eyeshadow colors for green eyes that you need to use if you want to shine.  

What are Some of the Best Eyeshadow Colors for Green Eyes?

There are numerous possible combinations out there, but we will focus on three of the most common and easy to apply eyeshadow colors. Women with green eyes can actually use a large variety of eyeshadow colors to spice up their look. Here are three of the best options to try out! Enjoy! 


closeup on green eye and eyebrow with purple makeup on
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1. Purple eyeshadow 

If you have been blessed with a pair of beautiful emerald eyes, you are lucky. This is why you should know that the color purple is one of the best eyeshadow colors that you can use.

Fill up your precious makeup drawer with various shades of purple and play with them. You can smudge a purple eye pencil around your eyes and then apply a purple shadow. Blend those two together nicely and voila! Purple creates a fantastic contrast with green eyes and it will look especially good on people with olive undertones in their skin. It makes it pop even more. 

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close up on green eye and eyebrow with brown makeup on
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2. Shades of brown 

Brown works for a lot of different eye colors. It’s subtle but yet still pops, accentuating your eyes beautifully. It works especially well on green eyes because it creates contrast.

This look is perfect for the daytime because it’s not too harsh. For a more accentuated look, apply a brown shade of eyeshadow and then top it off with not black, but brown eyeliner. The effect will be seducing but at the same time, not too in-your-face. Looking to make this stand out even more? Add some gold glitter on top of the eyeshadow.  

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close up on green eye with grey makeup on
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3. Smokey grey eyeshadow 

Another good alternative for green eyes is a shade of smoky, dark grey eyeshadow. This color actually works both on green and blue eyes, and if you have green eyes that have blue streaks in them, you’re in luck.

But keep something in mind: grey is not the same thing as silver! They are completely different shades, and silver will not have the same effect on green eyes. The idea here is to opt for deep and matte grey shadows and create a smoky effect. It will be dazzling and sexy and will make your eyes stand out even more.  

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In the end 

In the end, if you are one of those people who has been blessed with green eyes, what did you think about our list of best eyeshadow colors for green eyes? Did you find them useful and fitting for green eyes? Will you try them? Show us your results down below! Also be sure to check out our recommendations for hazel eyes!


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