Having the strong, rectangular jaw that comes with a square face is a very attractive and interesting feature. However, given our modern standards of beauty to which most women adhere, you might want to soften your looks a bit. You can achieve that with the help of your gorgeous eyebrows. But what is the best eyebrow shape for square face? Read on and find out.

1. The Soft Angled Brow

Even though this type of eyebrow is so well-defined, you need to keep it a bit rounded right at the beginning. Its angles are always very soft and curved, not sharp at all, so as to contrast with your angled face. This is also a very versatile brow since it allows you to choose between high, medium or low arches.

Apart from that, you can also go for thick and bushy eyebrows or the slimmer ones. No matter the styles, a pair of eyebrows like this will add a touch of femininity to your face for sure.

best eyebrow shape for square face soft angled brow rihanna

2. The Angled Brow

The higher arches of this particular shape have one purpose. To slim down your face. Apart from that, they will make your face look a lot younger and fresher. They will also elongate the face a bit, creating another type of symmetry in your expression.

In this sense, they will change the axis of your facial bone structure from a horizontal one, defined by your strong, square jaw to a vertical one. The latter is given by the fact that the peaks of the brows rise way up high and they fall back down in very steep angles which slim and elongate at the same time. This, in essence, is exactly what you need. Especially if you have a very short and plump square face.

best eyebrow shape for square face natalie portman high

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3. The Curved Eyebrow Shape

Lastly, but definitely not least on our list of the best eyebrow shape for square face is the curved brow. Exactly the type you might have seen worn by celebrities such as Lady Gaga who also has a square face.

This brow shape also goes by the name of S shape, so you know when you read about it. If you attempt to create it at home, here are a couple of things you need to know. Keep the brows very straight as you reach the nose, so that you may be able to create the curve. The curve itself is mandatory because this is what adds sweetness and femininity to your face. Otherwise, the effect will be lost.

You can also draw this eyebrow on with a pencil in your desired color.

best eyebrow shape for square face gaga curved

So, what is the best eyebrow shape for square face? We have presented you with three choices, but it ultimately depends on the kind of square face you have. It can be long, plump, bony, short and sweet, with highlighted cheekbones, or very narrow. Therefore, choose your eyebrows very wisely. Or go see your stylist. He or she will definitely know what to do!

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