Finding the best cleanse for weight loss might take time, but it will surely be worth it. What is more important than your health? You need to look for the best cleanse foods to stay in shape and maintain your body healthy. When it comes to your extra pounds, you know that you need to be very dedicated and hard working. All the struggle will be worth the while.

Try to eliminate cravings, reboot your digestive system and prepare yourself for a new healthy diet by adopting the best cleanse for weight loss. These foods and drinks will definitely help you lose weight. However, spotting the best cleanse foods can be tricky.


This vegetable contains antioxidant compounds known as caffeoylquinic acids. These are useful when treating liver conditions because they stimulate bile flow. In this way, the bile helps at digesting fats, clearing the system of inflammatory substances.


When you consume avocado, your body receives glutathione and healthy monosaturated fat acids. Glutathione helps to block the fat absorption which can trigger oxidative damage. Furthermore, it also helps in cleansing the liver.


These are plants which feature betalains. Betalains represent plant pigments which give this plant a deep red color. Furthermore, they also have fungicidal and anti-inflammatory properties. These pigments boost regeneration and repair in the liver which constitutes the main detox center.


These cross-shaped flowers feature very important health benefits. They contain antioxidant properties. Generally, cruciferous vegetables like these help reducing cancer risks.


Dill contains anti-inflammatory chemicals and is rich in vitamins. Furthermore, it also helps to activate glutathione, an antioxidant in the liver which destroys free radical molecules.


One of the best cleanse for weight loss is fennel. It contains multiple vitamins as well as anti-inflammatory chemicals. This vegetable is rich in Vitamin C and fibers, containing a very low amount of calories.

A cup of tea

The best cleanse for weight loss will detoxify your liver, slowing down fatty acids absorption.

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Green tea

We all know that green tea is rich in antioxidants, even richer than oolong, black or white teas. The tea contains caffeine, offering it a diuretic effect. Therefore, it helps to prevent bloating due to counteracting water retention.


All citrus fruits including lemons contain Vitamin C. This antioxidant can help you lose weight.

Milk thistle

This plant promotes liver detoxification. Milk thistle features polyphenolic compounds. These are known to help liver cells to remove toxins from blood cells.


This green veggie represents a great source of glutathione to detox the liver. Furthermore, these fresh vegetables represent a source of insoluble fiber. This will trigger gut moving.

Garlic and onion

Both vegetables are part of the allium family of vegetables, offering amazing flavors to foods. They contain flavonoids, stimulating the production of glutathione. This strong antioxidant maintains the liver healthy. Therefore, onion and garlic feature immune boosting and antibacterial properties.

Wheat grass

This is a source of minerals and vitamins. Wheat grass is very common in juice and powder form.


It contains probiotics, providing healthy bacteria that fortify the natural flora in your tract. Therefore, it helps digestions while also improving the natural immune responses in your body.

Summing up

This list of best cleanse for weight loss can help you change your dietary plan, only consuming healthy and fresh foods. You need to get rid of all the cravings and fast foods and concentrate on your image. Maintain the health of your body by eating fresh and exercising on a regular basis.

Image Source: Martha Stewart