10 Best Dry Shampoo Options for 2018

Applying Dry Shampoo

All women know those days when you are too tired or busy to wash your hair after a long day at work or in the morning when you’re rushing to catch that bus. Thankfully, the modern era has invented something to help us all with this struggle. You no longer have to wear hats to cover your greasy hair when you didn’t have time to wash it. Now, there’s a phenomenal thing called dry shampoo that does wonder with your hair in no time. Apart from getting rid of the greasiness in your hair, it also revives limp hair and offers a boost in volume to make you look fresh out of a hair salon.

But dry shampoo promises to deliver another important benefit for your hair: it makes your hair super fresh in no time, without the use of shampoo, water or conditioner. And with summer approaching, the idea of using dry shampoo should enter every woman’s mind. Dry shampoo, in all of its forms, is now used by both stylists and consumers, whether they would like some extra volume or to extend the freshness of their locks one day more. And with its increasing popularity, lots of brands have come up with their own dry shampoo formulas. This is why it can get incredibly difficult to choose a particular brand that will help your hair and will not empty your pocket. This is why our article will look at some of the best dry shampoo options for this year which you can buy and test. We promise, your life will be forever changed!

Top 10 Dry Shampoo Options For 2018

In the chart below, you will find my top 10 rated dry shampoo options. For a more in-depth review of each type, please click on the Read Review link.

Best Types of Dry Shampoo

Like any other cosmetic and haircare product, there are some different types of dry shampoo out there. It’s important to know everything about them before deciding which type to choose for your specific needs. Most of them do the same thing, get rid of excess oil, but there are variations to this classic type of dry shampoo that you might want to know about. When it comes to packaging, even if so many brands have come up with their own dry shampoo, their packaging is similar, as they usually come in a bottle or can and are applied by spraying from a considerable distance. Moreover, any person who may want to try dry shampoo for the first time should be aware that any such product has its drawbacks. Balance your options wisely and choose the best option for you.

Type 1: Oil-Absorbing Dry Shampoo

This is the most basic type of dry shampoo. It absorbs excess oil from your scalp and makes your hair look freshly-washed and pretty. Like any other type of dry shampoo, it usually looks like a white powder which you need to spray near your roots. After leaving it in for about 2 minutes, you then need to brush it away carefully. Make sure that you don’t have any remaining white powder on your hair. Otherwise, it may look pretty bad for those seeing those powdery remains on your locks. Usually, this type of dry shampoo has words containing “starch” written in its ingredients list.

  • plus
    Absorbs excess oil from your scalp
  • plus
    Makes your hair look freshly-washed
  • plus
    Quick and easy to use
  • close
    It takes away the natural shine of your hair
  • close
    The white powder can still be visible after use
  • close
    You can stain your clothes with it

Type 2: Volumizing Dry Shampoo

This second type of dry shampoo focuses more on adding some extra volume to your hair, and it works especially well on fine and dull hair. The powder is clearer and finer than the other one, but it may not absorb that much excess oil. It will still make your hair look a lot better without you having to wash it. Here’s a trick. If you want to recognize this specific type of dry shampoo, look for a higher amount of alcohol in the list of ingredients.

Girl spraying dry shampoo on her hair

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  • plus
    Especially good for fine and dull hair
  • plus
    It’s a lot less powdery
  • plus
    Leaves a lot less residue on your hair and clothes


  • close
    Won’t absorb as much excess oil as the other type
  • close
    Not suited for thick hair
  • close
    Not suited for people who don’t like alcohol in the ingredients

Type 3: Tinted Dry Shampoo

This is a life-saver for every woman out there and as we all have different colored-hair, tinted dry shampoos are the best solution. They come in a variety of colors, from brunette, brown, blonde and even red. They do exactly what a classic dry shampoo does, but do not leave that white residue that’s so annoying. Instead, the powder has the color of your hair and even better, some can be used to cover up your roots too.


  • plus
    Excellent if you want less visible residue
  • plus
    Good for any hair color
  • plus
    Still has all the properties of a classic dry shampoo


  • close
    It can seriously stain your clothes
  • close
    Some colors are even more visible than the white powder
  • close
    Some types don’t absorb too much oil from your scalp

Common Features of Dry Shampoo

Once every few years, there is product that comes along and revolutionizes the entire world. This is what dry shampoo did when it first came out. Since then, millions of women (and men) use it frequently and it’s the wonder in your purse. The secret that nobody yet everybody knows about. Let’s face it; dry shampoo is sometimes life-changing. It buys you so much time and it’s so easy to use that is almost too good to be true. But it is. And because it’s so amazing, we have prepared a list of common features of dry shampoo that you should know about.

  • check-circle-o
    It gets rid of excess oil- Dry shampoo has become famous for one simple benefit: it helps you get rid of that annoying grease on your scalp. By doing that, your hair becomes its old, clean self and looks freshly-washed right away. It’s a very simple solution to an otherwise delicate issue. It’s very easy to use and its effect can last up to two days.
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    It helps maintain a blow-out- Dry shampoo is also perfect for helping you maintain a professional blow-out for more days. How many times would you have liked your perfectly-styled locks to remain like that for days? Now you can do it thanks to dry shampoo! The life expectancy of your blow-out will be extended, and your pocket will feel better at the thought that the investment at the salon wasn’t in vain.
  • check-circle-o
    It adds volume and texture- Apart from making your hair look, feel and smell freshly-washed, certain type of dry shampoo can add some extra volume and even texture to your hair. This is probably one of the best bonuses that you get with this product. Just spray volumizing or texturizing dry shampoo at your roots and you will see a big difference.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Dry Shampoo On The Market

As we’ve previously said, there are a lot of types of dry shampoo out there, coming from a lot of different brands. This, of course, doesn’t mean that they will all suit your needs. Like with any other product, there are formulas that are good for you, and formulas that are not. It all depends on what they contain and what their purpose it. However, it’s also very important for you to know precisely what you wish for before buying such a product. This is why we have created a list of things to consider before buying any type of dry shampoo on the market.

1. Do You Want Freshness? Or Volume and Texture?

This is probably the most important question that you need to ask yourself before deciding to buy dry shampoo. This is also the best way to avoid disappointments when it comes to its results on your hair. So, do you want your hair to look, feel and smell fresh after applying it? Choose a classic dry shampoo that only does this. Do you also want some extra volume and texture on your hair? Pay close attention to the label of the product so that you will not be disappointed. A dry shampoo might not work on you simply because you’ve made the wrong choice.

2. What Type of Hair do you Have?

Usually, dry shampoos work on any type of hair, thick or thin. However, when it comes to volumizing dry shampoo, this type works best on thin and dull hair. Again, you should be very careful before buying this product. Having thick hair means that a volumizing shampoo might not work too well for you. This is a question of right and wrong choice, not necessarily one about the quality of the product.

3. Are you sensitive to scents? Or Intolerant to powder? 

This is self-explanatory, but you should be really careful when choosing a specific type of dry shampoo, especially if you have certain allergies, are intolerant to powder or fragrance. Certain dry shampoos have quite strong perfumes to make your hair also smell fresher. If you don’t like that, then you should avoid buying those. The same goes for powder intolerances. You’ better avoid dry shampoos altogether if you have one. You could try a DIY dry shampoo.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Dry Shampoo

We have already covered some of the most important uses of dry shampoo, this wonder-product of our modern days. However, some people might probably still have some unanswered questions regarding it. It’s also important to be aware of the fact that many people have the same questions as you, so you are not alone. Even if its popularity has increased over the past years, dry shampoo is still a relatively new product. It’s normal for eventual users to try to find out everything they can about it. So, here we go!

Q: Why should I choose to buy and use dry shampoo? Why not regular shampoo?

A: If you always have the time to normally wash your hair with water and shampoo, then go ahead and use that strategy! After all, everyone should know that dry shampoo doesn’t completely replace the normal hair hygiene. It’s simply an alternative to buy some more time in case you don’t have too much of it. So, dry shampoo shouldn’t be a replacement for normal shampoo by any means! As for why you should choose to buy and use it, the answer is as simple as its use: comfort. Using dry shampoo is extremely comfortable and quick. It gets rid of that extra grease in your hair and makes it look fresh for one or two more days. So, if you are a busy person, dry shampoo is definitely for you!

Q: Will dry shampoo still be effective after being used for a long time?

A: This is a very interesting question that many people have. What happens if I regularly use dry shampoo for years? Will it still be as effective as before? The answer should be yes, but there are certain things to consider. For example, any product loses its effectiveness if used for more years. This happens because your hair, skin, nails or whichever body part you’re using it for usually gets used to that specific formula. So, the trick is to change your favorite product after one or two years of frequent use. So, in the case of dry shampoo, if you are starting to notice a lack of effectiveness, look for an alternative that also suits your hair.

Q: Does it contain any dangerous ingredients?

A: While dry shampoo is mostly beneficial for your hair, we cannot avoid a sensitive subject. Yes, some dry shampoos do contain certain ingredients that can be dangerous. Most dry shampoos on the market contain talc powder which is often linked to cancer. Because of this, some brands have replaced talc powder with rice starches because the effect is almost the same. Also, experts are saying that people should not exaggerate when using it. Too much dry shampoo can case some buildup on your scalp which, in time, can lead to clogging hair follicles or making certain conditions worse, like psoriasis and dandruff. So, dry shampoo is mostly safe if used moderately and not every day, let’s say.

Why Is Dry Shampoo Awesome?

There are a million reasons why dry shampoo is an awesome and valuable hair care product. Most of them have to do with its incredible results and very easy use. And this is completely true. Dry shampoo is one of those life-changing products that you use once and never let go of for the rest of your life. With its popularity increasing year by year, you now have lots of alternatives, brands and types to chose from, depending on your wishes. So, here is a list of the most important reasons why dry shampoo is awesome and valuable.

It Buys You Time

Dry shampoo literally buys you time, especially in the busy and agitated world we live in today. Not having time to thoroughly wash your hair is a very common trait among people working from morning to evening. So, dry shampoo helps you look good and fresh in no time. Those newer types, like the volumizing and texturizing ones also define your hair and helps you get it styled more easily. Moreover, if you have colored hair, those tinted alternatives are for you, especially if you want to avoid that white powder spreading everywhere.

Applying Dry Shampoo

It's Very Easy To Use

Another reason why dry shampoo is so cool is that it’s extremely easy to use. You don’t have to have a professional around or to go to a hair salon to have it applied to your hair. It works like any other spray, but it’s very effective. To obtain the best results simply spray it on your roots from a considerable distance while holding your arm extended. After that, leave it in for about 2 minutes and then brush it off. You can also do this step with your fingers in order to get even more volume and to help the product spread evenly on your scalp.

You Can Use It On Your Pets Too

If your furry friend came back into the house with a little bit too much dirt and grease on its fur, use the best solution you have: dry shampoo for pets. It works the same way it does for humans and it helps you skip a full bath which pets don’t usually love. After applying it on its fur, clean the residue with a damp towel and then brush through the fur. This type of dry shampoo has ingredients especially selected for your pet’s skin and will not harm it in any way.

Recommended Best Sellers 

SaleBestseller No. 1
Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Dry Shampoo, 7 Ounce
  • Absorbs Excess Oils
  • Builds Volume
  • Not Tested on Animals
Bestseller No. 2
Batiste Dry Shampoo, Beautiful Brunette, 6.73 Ounce
  • Formulated with a hint of color for brunette and auburn beauties
  • Use between washes to instantly refresh your hair, no water required
  • Waterless formula absorbs dirt and grease to revitalize dull and lifeless hair

Common Questions 

Before we reach the end of our article on dry shampoo and its benefits, there are still a number of common questions left for us to provide an answer to. It’s no secret that people usually have similar curiosities, and it’s our duty to answer them in the best way possible. Here are some of the most common questions regarding dry shampoo and their answers.

  • chevron-circle-right
    Q: Can men use it too?
  • chevron-circle-right
    A: Of course men can use dry shampoo too, the same way as women do. There is no difference between a woman’s hair and a man’s hair. They too could use a fresher hair when they don’t have the time to wash it. So, if you have a brother, a husband or a father in need of some refreshing, offer them a bottle. Make sure it doesn’t have a smell that’s too feminine and teach them how to use it. They will surely love it too!
  • chevron-circle-right
    Q: What are some other benefits of dry shampoo, apart from freshening up your hair?
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    A: Dry shampoo has numerous benefits and hair freshening is only one of them. For example, using dry shampoo can help you keep your hair color for longer because you are no longer washing your hair with water so frequently. Also, if you have a special hairstyle like a messy updo, dry shampoo will help you keep it on for longer. Apart from this, a very good dry shampoo will keep the nutrients of your hair intact, more than a normal wet routine would. Lastly and probably most importantly, it saves water.
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    Q: When precisely should I use dry shampoo?
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    A: You can use dry shampoo whenever you like, or you feel the need to freshen up. However, there are some specific situations where it’s almost a necessity. For example, after a difficult workout, during camping trips where you cannot wash your hair, when you’re sick, when you don’t have enough time and when you feel like your hair could use a boost before a night out with friends. It’s all up to you!


In conclusion, this was our article on the best dry shampoo options on the market right now. This product has become almost as used as deodorant; such is its popularity. And we don’t blame people for using it. It has some incredible effects, apart from reducing the sebum on your scalp and making your hair look, feel and smell fresh without you having you wash it. It can add some extra volume and texture to your thin and dull hair. It can provide an excellent aid when it comes to styling your hair in various ways. Apart from this, some dry shampoos are also tinted and will help reduce the white powder residue in your hair and clothes. These tinted dry shampoos can be used to cover up your roots when you’re in dire need of a dye.

And while there are some drawbacks to certain types of dry shampoo, this is the case with any other product. Nothing can ever be perfect but the key is to gather all the information possible before buying your first dry shampoo. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of perspective and preference. So, what did you think about our article on dry shampoo and its uses and benefits? Do you have any other questions that we didn’t answer in the article? If yes, write them in the comments section and we will provide you with the answers for them.

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