The Benefits of Sulfate Free Shampoo and Top 5 Picks

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The organic product revolution is bringing to surface a little something called sulfate free shampoo, the alternative to your everyday, regular hair wash. Seeking out sulfate free shampoos on the shelves of your local drugstore might need to become a regular habit. If you’re curious to see what this alternative has to offer, scroll below and read through the biggest benefits. For the Top 10 Picks check out our complete guide here.

Benefits of Sulfate Free Shampoo

#1 Leaves Pigmentation and Oils Intact

One of the biggest issues with sulfate-containing shampoos is that they tend to not be able to differentiate between the excess sebum that makes your hair greasy and the natural oils that your hair needs to look shiny and healthy. As a result, it just takes away everything. Furthermore, sulfate even ‘eats away’ at pigmentation in hair dye, making it fade faster.

#2 Get Rid of Irritations

Sulfate is a chemical compound and, as such, it can cause some unpleasant reactions on the skin. If you experience itchiness or irritation after shampooing or conditioning, it’s likely because of its actions.

#3 Lock in Moisture Better

Aside from ‘sucking out’ natural oils from your hair, sulfate also impairs your scalp’s ability to retain moisture, absolutely crucial for beautiful, healthy tresses. You don’t need to worry about these things when using a sulfate free product.

#4 Protect Your Health

It seems that sulfates and other likewise chemicals don’t end their journey when absorbed by your scalp. Your liver may do it too and if that happens, the harmful actions of this compound can lead to hormonal imbalances.

5 Best Sulfate Free Shampoo Options

#1 Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather Shampoo, $21

This Paul Mitchell ginger lather shampoo vows to not only keep your hair color intact, it also provides deep nourishing to guarantee a glowing look.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather Shampoo,8.5 Fl Oz
  • Produced with the highest grade materials
  • Satisfaction Ensured
  • Excellent Quality, Great Gift Idea

#2 Acure Lemongrass + Argan Stem Cell Clarifying Shampoo, $10

The argan oil and argan stem cells contained in this Acure lemongrass recipe make the shampoo gentle enough for everyday use. It also vows to strengthen follicle connections by supporting hair keratin.

Acure Organics Lemongrass and Argan Stem Cell Volume Natural Shampoo and Conditioner 8 Oz
  • Acure Organics hair bundle includes one Lemongrass and Argan Stem Cell Keratin...

#3 Nexxus Color Assure Vibrancy Retention Shampoo, $16

It’s right there – on the label, in the title, everywhere: this shampoo’s main mission is to protect your hair’s color, staying away from your delicate pigmentation.

No products found.

#4 dpHUE Clarifying Shampoo, $24

Those who’ve tried past products by dpHUE can vouch for the unique texture, which is much more reminiscent of a liquid than a lathering solution. This makes this shampoo perfect against buildup.

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo, 10.1-Ounce
  • Restores hair’s natural radiance by removing dulling deposits and build up
  • Brightens highlighted, bleached, or gray hair
  • Maintains the look and feel of healthy hair for individuals using hard water and...

#5 Ogx Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo, $8

Accessible and effective, this wonderful shampoo uses a formula centered on the ever-so-moisturizing coconut milk, a favorite of many as far as hair care goes. The catch is, obviously, that there are no sulfates or parabens.

OGX Nourishing + Coconut Milk Shampoo, 13 Ounce
  • HYDRATION AND BALANCE: indulge your senses with this exclusive blend with...
  • MOISTURIZED, GLOWING, SUPER SOFT: Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo is like a trip...
  • HOW TO USE: apply shampoo generously to wet hair, massage into a lather through...

Wrapping Up

To conclude, sulfate free shampoo is something you should definitely try out if your normal shampooing sessions leave you with an itchy scalp or if you have dyed hair that needs color protection. Luckily, there are plenty of options on the market, perfect for any budget.



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