If you have ever had weak fingernails that break, bend or crack easily, or are a regular sufferer of hair breakage, split ends and general lack of shine? You may be lacking regular gelatin in your diet.

Gone are the days when we hunted our food on the plains and lived in caves – and good riddance I say! I am certainly not one for these new diets that say we should all eat like cavemen, but I do understand that our diet has changed immensely since the days of gathering our own food. Yes, it is great to have food conveniently ready to eat in our pantries, but it also sometimes means that we lack the intake of vital nutrients that we used to get from our everyday diet.

Gelatin is one of the nutrients that we no longer consume in the quantities our body needs, which is a shame because gelatin has some of the benefits for different parts of our bodies.

Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages of taking a regular dose of Gelatin.

Strengthens Fingernails

If you are a regular gel nail polish user, then you have probably at some point had weak fingernails. When you remove gel nail polish incorrectly, it can damage your natural nails causing them to bend easily, crack and be almost as thin as paper. Weak nails incredibly painful and not something you want to experience if you don’t have to.

Taking a regular dose of gelatin can start to repair damaged and weak fingernails and restore them to their former glory. Not only will they likely end up stronger than they ever have been, but your nail polish will also last longer than it ever has due to the newfound rigidity of your nails.

However, this is not an overnight fix; it will take 2-3 weeks to start to see the effects of a regular dose of gelatin and around six months for your fingernails to really bounce back.

Ideally, you want to avoid damaging your nails in the first place. Healthy nails can be achieved by correctly removing gel nail polish, and using a high quality LED Nail Lamp to cure your nails instead of your traditional UV hand lamps which produce a much higher level of the dangerous UV rays which damage not only our skin but also our fingernails.

Reduces the Stretchiness of Skin

Let’s face it – we all get old, and we all get wrinkles at some point. We can, however, improve the overall health of our skin which may delay the onset of wrinkles and stretchiness, thus holding aging off for just a little while.

Gelatin helps our body produce two essential amino acids: glycine and proline. Both of which are used by our skin to make collagen, which as you likely know is what our skin needs to keep its elasticity and youthful appearance.

Strengthens Hair and Promotes Quicker Growth

As our hair grows longer, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep healthy and shiny, but you can make it just a little easier by taking regular doses of gelatin.

Once again it comes down to the fact that our body uses gelatin to create Glycine, which helps increase the speed that hair grows, its thickness and its natural shine.

Unfortunately again this is not going to be a quick fix, it will take some months to see the results – especially with longer hair. But the stunning results will truly be worth it in the end.

The Many Benefits of Gelatin

There are many different benefits to taking regular gelatin doses, some of those include:

  • Supports joint health and can alleviate joint pain
  • Keeps the digestive system healthy and helps with chronic bowel problems
  • Promotes eyelash growth and thickness
  • Reduces the shedding of hair

How to Take Gelatin

In case you are wondering: yes, the gelatin used in foods to make jello and similar foods. But if you do not want to eat sugary food such as these there is an easier and healthier way. Gelatin is readily available in both a powder and capsule form.

The capsules can be taken with water, and the powder can be mixed with any food or drink that you like.

The general dosage will vary from person to person, but a good rule is the equivalent of 1-2 tsp of gelatin a day.

Why Everyone Should Take Gelatin

Consuming gelatin is not only for those of us who are already experiencing these problems, but it should also be consumed to improve on your already healthy body. Pro-actively take gelatin regularly to stop issues like weak nails, broken hair and stretchy skin occurring in the future. Your body will thank you for it!

About The Author

Vanessa is a mom, a wife and a lover of all things to do with nails and nail polish! She has worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years but is currently an at-home mom looking after my two young kids. You can find more of Vanessa’s writing at https://www.diygelnailkits.com/