Who wants to be beautiful? Raise your hands, Woman! Gone are the days when enormous production-level techniques were required to put on a decent makeup or fix your hair up. Even beautiful skin today just begs for 30 minutes or under of your time to achieve. Other than skin brighteners, there are several other quick and easy hacks that you can learn and adapt to give yourself clean, clear and radiant skin with just a few swishes and swooshes.


Flossy Skin In 30 Minutes Or Under

Got under eyes from last night’s big bash? Rushing for a job interview and that annoying zit is still hanging around on your forehead? Whether it is a beauty emergency you need to address immediately or, your skin just seems to be taking time off duty, here are 10 hacks to get that dull skin propped and ready to face a new day:

Hack No. 1: Hydrate within.

Take better hold of how your skin behaves for the rest of the day. Instead of running straight for the shower, drink a couple of glasses of water and, if you can spare a few minutes, check out your veggie and fruit stash and blend anything that you can find. Give your skin top quality nutrition and will be bouncing back healthy and dewy in no time at all.

Hack No. 2: Hit the shower.

When your skin is being less than its lively self, don’t give yourself a hot nor ice-cold bath. Instead, hit a lukewarm temp which should keep from drying out your skin even more. Scrub both your face and your body to get your healthy circulation revitalized and running to promote a reinvigorated, beautiful skin.

Hack No. 3: Exfoliate your face.

This calls for an emergency exfoliating mask. Rub and massage in as you breathe deeply to get your skin and your senses calmed and soothed at the same time. A gentle exfoliation, even with just a cleanser infused with alpha and beta hydroxy acids may be sufficient to give your skin a wakeup call that makes it radiate with health even before you have your skin brighteners on.

Hack No. 4: Tone.

The problem with troubled skin is that it’s already dry and your pores are also open wide. So, do something about those large pores before proceeding with the rest of your routine. Pick up an alcohol-free, hydrating toner and spread it all over.

Hack No. 5: Use an essential oil for your face and body.

What makes essential oils great is that these sink deep into your skin almost on contact, giving your skin a subtle gleam that does not leave your skin surface feeling greasy. You may have to skip this step though if it is your first time to wear that essential oil because, when it comes to botanical products, allergic reactions are always a big possibility.

Hack No. 6: Moisturize some more.

Regardless of your skin type, beautiful skin begins with a clean, clear, and well-moisturized skin. It doesn’t just happen with glittery skin brighteners. Your ideal moisturizer for daytime wear is one that has a lightweight consistency, has broad-spectrum sun protection, and loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, all of which help tame your skin complexion.

Hack No. 7: Skip your thick foundation.

In fact, a pigmented sunscreen, BB Cream or, CC Cream will work better for your skin. As much as you can keep your skin looking naturally clear and glowing, that’s what you should go for. Besides, when your skin is misbehaving, it will not be able to blend in thick foundation.

Hack No. 8: Color correct and conceal.

Give your skin an instant boost by neutralizing purplish dark under eyes and hyperpigmented patches on the side of one cheek. Then, conceal sparingly to promote beautiful skin.

Hack No. 9: Work on your eye area.

Enhance the radiance of your skin by visually making your eyes more appealing. Open up your eye area by putting on skin brighteners around it to reflect light and give it an instant glow.

Hack No. 10: Mist. 

Don’t stop revitalizing your skin. Mist as you go. The minute you allow your skin to dry out, you can say goodbye to your beautiful skin.



You don’t have to be afraid to pick up your makeup brush and add a little bit of color when your skin seems off. With these 10 easy hacks, you won’t have to spend hours fixing yourself an irresistibly good looking skin.