Did anyone think we’d be seeing a Beauty and the Beast nail polish collection anytime soon? Are you one of the people eagerly awaiting the release of the latest installment in Disney’s series of live action reboots? If you are, chances are that these polish shades of heavy inspiration will only sink you deeper in the hype ocean. If you’re not… well, thematic nail polish, so who cares, right?

With that being said, let’s take a look at the glamorous six-shade kit that will definitely bring out the Disney princess in you.

The Beauty and the Beast Nail Polish Collection

The collection is the result of the joined forces of popular brands Morgan Taylor and Gelish. Danny Haile, founder and CEO of Gelish, spoke about the intentions behind the collection. He said, “We wanted to be honorable guests of this beloved and classic story by developing colors that reflect the beauty that comes from within.”

If you’re thinking that this sounds like such a lovely idea and you’re planning on purchasing one of the colors for a friend’s birthday in June, you might need to reconsider. The collection is a February-only limited release, hitting the shelves for the entirety of the pre-release month and that month alone.

The Morgan Taylor colors cost $9 while the Gelish variants go up for $12.99.

The Color Overview

The Last Petal

Appropriately named, this dark berry hue is reminiscent of the famed glassed rose that symbolizes the curse and the power that can break the spell. It’s the kind of shade that’s less about passion and more about the enchantment of love and its mysterious powers.

Potts of Tea

White and pristine – this is the perfect coating for your nails if you wish to feel both royal-blooded and beautifully innocent. This shade will remind you of the polished ceramic of Belle’s various singing dinner table companions.

Be Our Guest

A delicate French rose shade, this polish is all about delicacy and femininity, carrying the wearer to a realm surrounded by the perfume of roses. Even if it’s not part of Belle’s color palette, it perfectly represents her spirit.

Plumette with Excitement

Yet another shade of pink, this one is a pale blush, ginger and quiet. Strange for something that has the word ‘excitement’ in its name.

Days in the Sun

This is exactly what this soft yellow hue is for. Do we even need to mention what it represents? Belle’s famous gown is as eternal as this polish is filled with nostalgia.

Gaston and On and On


Please, who doesn’t want Gaston’s thrilling eye color on their nails? I mean, who doesn’t want Gaston on their nails? Well, the point still stands – we all kind of need a bit of Gaston once in a while.


Wrapping Up

So, how does this Beauty and the Beast nail polish collection look to you? Living up to expectations? Better make a choice now before it disappears off the shelves!