Everyone should take care of their nails. They are part of a groomed appearance, and, as we all know, the first impression always counts. There are plenty of useful tips on how to have beautiful nails. We have gathered a list of the best six nail tricks every girl should know.

Top Best Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Nails

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Stop Cutting Your Cuticles

If you cut your cuticles, you should quit doing that. Your fingers need them as a protection barrier. They are situated at the base of the nails, which is exactly the area from where the nails grow. Cutting them off can lead to serious infections. Instead, you can use a good cuticle cream to keep them clean and nourished.

Start Wearing Gloves During Chores

Years of exposure to detergent chemicals can weaken and damage your nails. Whether you do the dishes or clean the house, you should always protect your hands with special gloves. This way, you will also make sure that your skin doesn’t get dry. Gloves will help you maintain smooth hands.

Avoid Using Acetone

Even though acetone nail removers have an effective and fast result, on the long term, they will dry your cuticles and damage your nails. These chemicals have a dehydrating characteristic. Therefore, you should always buy non-acetone removers. Look for those who are combined with Aloe Vera.

Use Vinegar as A Base for Nail Polish

If you want your nail polish to last longer, you should use vinegar. It is a simple and fast solution. Put a small amount of vinegar on a cotton ball and gently rub your nails with it before applying the polish. It is an accessible way to gain a more durable nail style as well as beautiful nails.

Eat Foods with Higher Calcium Levels

When your nails tend to always break, it means that you don’t have the proper amount of calcium in your organism. You can fix this issue by eating foods that contain calcium such as green vegetables, fish, and even tofu. To make sure everything is alright, you should consult a physician. He might prescribe you biotin, depending on how severe your nail problem is.

Drink A Lot of Water

Water is the simplest solution to have a great overall health. Drinking at least two liters of water each day hydrates your nails. It works the same as it does for your skin. If you cannot drink a lot of plain water, you can also try other alternatives such as coconut water. If you want to have beautiful nails, you will make an effort.

Wrapping It Up

Many women deal with nail problems. However, some of them might be unaware of how simple it is to take care of their hands. As you could see, there are plenty of easy and fast solutions when it comes to having beautiful nails. Make sure you follow them.

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