Baebody Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo Review

beabody sulfate free shampoo review

​When you become a mother for the third time, some may argue that your hair is the last one of your priorities and concerns. As true as it may be, I have to admit that I was shaken to the core realizing that the third little human that came into the family also took my hair away. The kid is over six months years old and I spent hundreds of dollars and tens of hours trying to look like myself again.

The main problem was that my hair got frizzy, brittle, with severe falling tendencies and intensified dandruff. I switched back and forth between medical and dermatological shampoos and conditioners to natural homemade hair masks. Some worked better than others did, but when you have three children, you need efficiency: good results, fast.

Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work as well as I expected. This led up to frustration, low self-esteem, social awkwardness, and so on and so forth. Until one day, when one of my mommy friends bought me the Baebody Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo that she swore by. I tried it for a month and now it is time to share with you some of my experiences with this product, because we should not be quiet about good things.

Things to Consider before Buying the Baebody Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo

New mothers have to deal with some amount of hair problems. While I dealt pretty well with my other two pregnancies, the third was a bit more complicated from this point of view. My hair was thin and dry, but I did not experience extremes such as severe hair fall, coarseness, flakes and dandruff, itchiness, and so on.

Enter the third installment of the franchise and my hair began leaving me, shower after shower, comb after comb. The dandruff was playing an ugly number on my head and whatever hair I had left turned into this pile of straws. I have to say that I never dyed my hair, nor abuse it beyond your regular haircut and mild styling on special occasions. I also wore my hair short, in a cute pixie, to make sure everything was on track.

I am also not that type of woman or mother that accepts her situation and settles with looking horrific just because she has three children. Besides the three kids and their father, I also have my own enterprise to run and no matter what people say, looks matter in any meeting, business or social.

In other words, for me to avoid getting out of my house just because I couldn’t show my hair to the world was bad business and terrible life. This is why when my friend brought me the Baebody Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo I was both happy and reserved. I was having my own fair share of disappointments before, after all. However, my enthusiasm peaked when I began using this shampoo

My scalp was already feeling better, with less dandruff, itchiness, and flakes. My hair somewhat regained a normal texture, body, volume, and shine. But what was more important was that I began seeing new hairs grow, while my old hair stopped from falling at concerning rates.

I want to share with you some things you need to consider before you get the Baebody Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo for yourself.

  • Possible side effects: The shampoo should not lead to any side effects, but you cannot ever be too careful. Having three children, you take precautions at all times. The product is safe, containing natural ingredients that come from organic cultures, being manufactured in a GMP certified and FDA registered facility. In other words, you should be safe. However, I learned that you had to do a skin test before using any cosmetic product. Since I already had thin brittle hair and dry, sensitive skin, I tested it. While for me it did not have any side effects, one cannot extrapolate this to an entire population, so I always recommend you also perform the skin test before putting something in your hair or on your face, especially if you are sensitive. Also, if you somehow realize the shampoo gives you dandruff, use something else.

  • Patience: You have to be a monument of patience and self-control when you have three children and a business, and I think I handle things quite well. However, I compensate by not having patience with other things. Among them, waiting months and years for my hair to regain its looks, health, and shape was not an option. However, even if this shampoo is efficient and shows good results after a few uses, I had to understand that this was not an ordinary shampoo. If you are used to huge amounts of foam and amazing hair after the first shower, you may feel disappointed. Sulfate free shampoos are a big change for your hair and scalp, accustomed with traditional shampoos, so you need to have patience to let the product do its job on its own time.  

  • Scent: For me, this shampoo has a faint scent, although my friend told me it had a powerful one. Each with his/her own tastes. I will follow on the idea immediately, but I read plenty of reviews before using the gift and I learned that some women complained about the shampoo’s poignant fragrance. I may be biased here, but when your entire house smells of food, puke, and poop, any shampoo will probably smell like Heaven. What I am trying to say is that you should read as much as you can about this shampoo, and if you realize the scent is going to be a deal-breaker, you can opt for other alternatives.

  • Type of hair: This shampoo promises it works for all types of hair – my friend has oily hair she dyes with a vengeance and she swore it would work for my dry thin hair as well.

  • Instructions: Follow the instructions carefully before using this shampoo. It does not come with its own conditioner, but I used my regular conditioner for thin, dry, and brittle hair, and everything worked out smoothly.
Baebody Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo 16 Oz - Sulfate Free - Volumizing & Moisturizing, Gentle on Curly...
  • ARGAN OIL SHAMPOO contains Moroccan Argan Oil for Volumizing and Moisturizing...
  • NATURAL FORMULA with a blend of herbal oil and ingredients. Including Moroccan...
  • REPAIR AND STRENGTHEN your hair naturally. Our restorative shampoo fights again...

Who Should Buy This Shampoo

Sulfate free shampoos are a good option for those people who want a safer, less chemical approach to hair care. In some cases, sulfate free shampoos come with hair stylists’ recommendations as well – it seems they are milder, gentler, safer, and more efficient for some hair problems. For me it was falling hair, but for others it may be coarse hair, damaged hair, and so on and so forth.

The shampoo comes with interesting ingredients that may help people with dandruff problems, coarse tangled hair, or damage caused by dyes and hair treatments. My friend who dyes her hair a lot and quite often picked this shampoo to nourish and repair her colorful mane.

You should also buy this shampoo and conditioner if you follow a hair botox treatment and you want natural hair and scalp protection and nourishment.

The shampoo also contains keratin, which is a good addition to protect and safeguard keratin-treated hair. As I said, I did not abuse my hair too much, but I meet women who do and who began using sulfate free shampoos to lower the damage and fix their hair problems.

Who Should Not Buy This Shampoo

If you are allergic or sensitive to any of this shampoo’s ingredients, you should look for something else. Also, if you have a sensitive nose, you may want to look for a different type of fragrance. You cannot fully take my word for this shampoo’s mild scent, as for me anything that does not smell like burnt food or sick children is a godsend fragrance.

If you are also vulnerable and have a proclivity for getting dandruff out of anything, you should also test the shampoo for a while and switch to something else in case this one encourages the problem.

beabody sulfate free shampoo review

Baebody Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo

This Baebody Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo comes with Moroccan argan oil for hair volume and nourishment. It also contains jojoba oil, avocado oil, keratin, almond oil, and coconut oil. I am not allergic to anything, but people with nut allergies may want to factor in the almond oil in this shampoo. Otherwise, I found that this shampoo delivered on its promise. My hair slowly but steadily became stronger, with less falling, shinier, better looking, and more able to hold its texture, volume, look, and feel throughout the most disastrous of days.

I have to admit, I tried some avocado hair masks before, but I may have created the recipes wrongly, or did not have enough patience to let them work their miracles. Granted, I did not mix avocado oil with jojoba, coconut, almond, and argan oil before. I think it is this particular mix that gave my hair the boost of health and strength it needed.

I also enjoyed the keratin addition to this shampoo. I know how keratin works and I was impressed with the results.

​At first, I admit I was a bit confused about the amount of oils in this shampoo. While I do not love my dry straw-like pregnancy hair, I wanted to avoid turning my hair into slices of bacon. Fortunately, it was not the case. The shampoo comes with plenty of essential oils and herbal extracts, but it does not make the hair greasy, heavy, or dull.


  • Effective hair strengthening and regrowth
  • Multiple hair benefits
  • Made in the USA


  • Scent may not be on your liking
  • You may experience some side effects
  • The expiration date my pose some issues
beabody sulfate free shampoo review

Features and Benefits 

I received this shampoo as a gift from a friend who is using it for a while and is very pleased with the results. Before using it myself, I studied the product a little and decided to try it for a month, at a two uses per week rate. My main goal was to strengthen my hair so it did not fall anymore and boost its looks and health (volume, shine, and texture, less dandruff and less brittle). After using this shampoo and registering the results, I can offer a point of view on the benefits of the product:

  • The shampoo is rich in argan oil. This is good, because it allows hair nourishment, shine, volume, texture, and strength. For me, the results became visible almost in less than a month.     

  • The shampoo make the hair stronger. Since this was my main goal, I am pleased with the results so far. I actually noticed new hairs growth – which was fantastic since I was scared about the quantity of fallen hair.

  • The shampoo offers multiple hair benefits, besides solving my frail, falling, and dry hair issues: it helped it be safe from other factors: styling, dye, irons, UV rays, pollution, and more. Stress is something I learned to live with, together with chaotic sleeping patterns. I found my hair became quite resilient to this disorganized lifestyle.

  • Besides the argan oil (present in almost all sulfate free shampoos), this one also contains coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and avocado oil. I found this mix to be a healthy combo for my hair and especially damaged brittle, frizzy, and bad-looking hair.  

  • The shampoo’s formula is beneficial for dyed hair. I cannot vouch for this, but I can share my friend’s opinion. She offered this shampoo because she uses it to alleviate dye-damaged hair symptoms.    
  • The shampoo is cruelty free. I asked around and learned the shampoo was cruelty free. If you also have issues with animal testing, ask the manufacturers related to any cosmetic products you want to use.  

  • The shampoo works great with your conditioner of choice. As I was saying, having frail and falling hair is an adventure – meaning that you have to find the best conditioners and try mixing them up with the shampoo. I found that there was no clash between this sulfate free shampoo and the conditioner, which I was already using.
  • The Baebody Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo works well for many types of hair. My husband also used this shampoo (by mistake, I assume) and said that he felt his hair faring better than usual. He is not prone to hair falling and dandruff, but still enjoyed the results.

  • It is affordable. If you have to choose between a drugstore shampoo with the same price tag and this one, I would go for the Baebody Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo. The results are good and the deal is more than affordable. Being family friendly, I think you will be pleased with the value for money that it brings.
  • ​Baebody Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo


    Multiple hair benefits


    ​Family friendly


    Final Score


    Social Proof

    As I said, I did not want a shampoo to cause me even more problems than I already had, so before using it, I browsed the internet for other opinions. I liked what I found. I especially looked for reviews telling a similar story to mine: pregnancy and children, stress, frizzy, falling hair. I was pleased to learn that the shampoo gained a fair pool of satisfied customers.

    Baebody Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo 16 Oz - Sulfate Free - Volumizing & Moisturizing, Gentle on Curly...
    • ARGAN OIL SHAMPOO contains Moroccan Argan Oil for Volumizing and Moisturizing...
    • NATURAL FORMULA with a blend of herbal oil and ingredients. Including Moroccan...
    • REPAIR AND STRENGTHEN your hair naturally. Our restorative shampoo fights again...

    Alternatives to the Baebody Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo

    In case you are looking for similar products to better suite your needs, I came up with a list of good alternatives you might want to try. You may also try them if you have a nut allergy and do not support well almond oil.

    • 1790 Natural Botanicals Shampoo

    Many women and men prefer this sulfate free shampoo. While it does not fall under the organic umbrella of products, people are very pleased with its formula.

    Who Should Use this Shampoo

    People with dry, damaged, and falling hair.

    Baebody Shampoo vs. 1790 Natural Botanicals Shampoo Comparison

    • Both are sulfate free;
    • Both encourage damaged hair repair;
    • Baebody is organic;
    • 1970 comes with a more medical, dermatological formula;
    • 1970 is way cheaper.

    If you want an alternative to Baebody shampoo, check out the 1790 Natural Botanicals Shampoo to make the choice that suits you best!

    • Boldify Sulfate Free Shampoo with Biotin

    Another best sulfate free shampoo, according to reviewers, is Boldify Sulfate Free Shampoo with Biotin – said to work for both men and women.

    Who Should Use this Shampoo

    People who want thicker, more voluminous, stronger hair.

    Baebody Shampoo vs. Boldify Shampoo Comparison

    • Both are sulfate free;
    • Boldify comes with a natural formula enriched with Biotin;
    • Baebody is more affordable;
    • Boldify works well for both men and women;
    • Both are made in the USA.

    If you want an alternative to the Baebody Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo, check out the Boldify Sulfate Free Shampoo with Biotin to get the results you want for your hair type, style, and problems!

    • OmBotanical Sulfate Free Shampoo

    This is another excellent option in the sulfate free shampoo products area – especially if you want botanical and chemically-free hair repair, dandruff control, and hair regrowth.

    Who Should Use this Shampoo

    People who want to boost the health and looks of their hair with the help of botanical ingredients.

    Baebody Shampoo vs. Om Botanical Shampoo Comparison

    • Both are sulfate free shampoos;
    • Om Botanical comes with Ayurveda medicine principles and formula;
    • Baebody is more affordable;
    • Om Botanical promises hair, scalp and skin conditions’ alleviation;
    • Om Botanical is gluten-free as well.

    If you feel you want to invest money in long-term care for fallen hair, dandruff control and chemically pure shampoos, then the OmBotanical Sulfate Free Shampoo may be what you have been looking for!


    You may say that looks should be put on hold when you have three children to raise and educate, but I do not agree. Walking around in my husband’s T-shirts and showing a straw pile instead of a hairdo was never an option for me – not before and not after I became a mother. If I could lose weight after each pregnancy and make my body look and feel amazing again, surely I could do something about my hair as well.

    I know pregnancy takes its toll and I accepted that, but I was not going to go bald just because I had three children.

    With this in mind, I tried the Baebody Sulfate Free Shampoo and found it was a good product to use. I had to wait for a month to see actionable results, but this is the case with sulfate free shampoos in general. I knew what I signed up for.

    My flaky, itchy, dandruff-producing scalp felt clean, smooth, calmer, and healthier. I noticed new hair growth, which was amazing. I also felt my hair getting stronger and not falling after each combing session. Little by little, my hair regained its shine, volume, texture, and definition. Even if it was cut short, it still began looking and feeling great.

    What I liked best was that the shampoo worked fine with my regular conditioner (which I was not ready to give up) and did not clash with natural hair masks or DIY treatments. My friend who dyes her hair a lot swore by the effectiveness of this shampoo – so I guess it does come with some color protection and hair repair features as well.

    My husband also used it for a few times and reported no problems. On the contrary, knowing about my hair issues encouraged me to keep on using it, as he also looked and felt great after a few uses. More importantly in a household of five, the shampoo is affordable, bringing good value to its price tag.  

    I am not sure yet that this is the ultimate best sulfate free shampoo out there. Each woman decides for herself. I will certainly try the other alternatives I listed above and encourage you to do the same. I know it is hard to find the right shampoo, so I do recommend persevering. If you want to embrace good hair care, the Baebody Sulfate Free Shampoo should be on your priorities’ list!

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