Your average teeth whitening cost depends largely on which one of the numerous methods available on the market you choose to go with. After all, there’s bound to be some sort of difference between an over-the-counter kit which you can use yourself and a professional treatment. Read ahead to discover the most important things you should know about the costs required for a teeth whitening process and which is the best middle ground to go with.

Teeth Whitening Types

The majority of teeth whitening procedures make use of carbamide peroxide, a relatively light bleaching agent. You will find it in a great deal of whitening gels and OTC kits which you can take home with you. What differs between professional in-office treatments and these aforementioned kits is the concentration of bleaching agents. This definitely justifies the fact that in-office whitening is also known as power bleaching. The application is much more powerful and, therefore, the results will be even more visible.

There are certain types of whitening systems which you can request in order to turn your smile into a brilliant pearly white. And despite the variety being sufficiently impressive, it’s not difficult to estimate the average cost between all of them.

Teeth Whitening Cost & Management

The average cost of a whitening treatment is approximately $500, as you will likely notice below where we enlist the most popular professional bleaching methods.

Opalescence Boost

This method uses a strong and effective gel, which heavily relies on the action of various chemical agents to trigger the whitening process. One common problem found with in-office bleaching is the fact that the patient’s teeth tend to be sensitive for a while after the intervention. Well, it seems that Opalescence Boost doesn’t adhere to these ‘rules.’

The estimated time of a session is two hours. The average cost of a procedure is $500.


Perhaps the most accessible and gentle whitening procedure, BriteSmile offers patients the possibility to pay in advance for a better price.

The estimated time of a session is one hour. The average cost of a procedure is $600, $399 for payment in advance.

Zoom Chairside Whitening

Zoom is also highly accessible and, above that, you get to maintain your newfound brilliant smile by polishing it with the touch-up kit which you can bring home after the intervention.

The estimated time of a session is one hour. The average cost of a procedure is $500.

Furthermore, other types of in-office whitening include Lumibrite and Sapphire by Den-Mat Holding.

Conclusion: What’s the Fair Price?

In conclusion, if $500 is the average teeth whitening cost, that means you can find places that offer cheaper services. However, anything below $400 is simply suspicious. It’s best that you go with one of the recommended interventions. They’ve been proven to have an impressive success ratio. You don’t only want to have access to something cheap, obviously. So, it’d be great if the whitening actually worked too, right?

The best possible deal would be an intervention below $500 and above $400. All with the certainty that you will see actual results after the first intervention. For the best kind of control, Zoom might be the best deal, seeing how you can maintain your smile at home.