If you want to have toned arms, then you should start with these arm workouts with weights to get rid of arm fat. Furthermore, you will also need to follow a healthy diet because your ideal body weight and shape depend on 80% healthy diet and 20% exercises.

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Grab your weights and work out those arms to get them toned. If you do not have weights, you don’t have to worry because you may use some water bottles instead. For the first workout exercise, split your legs and slightly bend your knees. Then, hold the weights and keep your arms to the side and lift the weights. Next, you want to stop your hands half way in the air, between your shoulders and stomach and slowly lift the weights.

The next exercise involves side arm extensions. Keep your hands on the sides and simultaneously lift your arms at the height of your shoulders. To feel your arm muscles working, do some pulses up there, at the same height as your shoulders.

Now, try some overhead presses. Bend your arms and hold them up, at the same level as your shoulders. Lift your arms all the way up while holding the weights. Then, do some front pulses. Bring your bent arms together, in front of your face and pulse them up and down. The next exercise involves triceps extensions. Slightly bend your knees and bend over a little bit. Lift the weights to your chest and then extend your arms all the way back.

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Pick up your dumb bells and do a staggered curl to Arnold press. This presupposes that you distance your legs from one another and put one of them in front of your body. Lift those weight up to your shoulders, turn your hands and then lift your arms towards the ceiling. Then, lower your arms to the level of your shoulders and then down. Switch your legs and repeat the same exercises. You should consider repeating the exercise for 10 times for each leg.

The next exercise is a standing lateral crunch kick. Take one leg and extended out to the side, reach one arm up while you keep the other arm down. Stretch that arm above your head as much as you can and then bring it in for a tight crunch, elbow to knee, and then back above your head.

9 Exercises For Toned Arms

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Start with some outward abductors. Slightly bend your knees and keep your arms on the sides of your body, extending them outwards only from the elbow down. Swing the weights open to the sides. The next exercise is Havyk raises. Raise one of your arms in front of you while the other one raises straight to the side and switch.

Then, try some triceps extensions. For this exercise, you will need a bigger weight. Hold the weight at the back of your head with both hands and slowly lift it up, above your head.

Wrapping up

These arm workouts with weights will help you stay fit and have toned arms. Make sure you have different kinds of weights to be able to do several exercises that imply heavier or lighter ones. Try to correctly and slowly do all the exercises to obtain the best results.

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