After all these years, we still need all the help we can get to learn how to add volume to hair. Is it really such a difficult territory to tread on? Well, today, we’ll try to settle this business once and for all by enlisting some pro tips coming straight from the mouths of expert stylists who’ve opened the door to their secrets. Read ahead to discover what you can start doing to make your hair more voluminous and rich.

How to Add Volume to Hair: 4 Experts and Their Tips

#1 Blow Drying the Right Way

There are so many different tips regarding blow drying in a way that can result in the best effects for your hair. The easiest trick in the book is drying your hair upside-down, starting at the root in order to give your mane that extra fluff.

However, hair stylist Orlando Pita throws in his two-cents and offers a hidden tip. Once you’ve dried your hair about sixty percent in, sit up straight again and continue to blow dry by picking up at the roots still.

#2 Cleansing Root Products

Celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, who is in charge of the gorgeous hair of the Kardashians and Jennifer Lopez among others, emphasizes on how important it is to nourish your roots. She says that by ensuring you properly cleanse them, you’ll help your hair grow naturally richer and more voluminous.

She even goes out of her way to recommend her best products. “Ingredients like vitamins B5, C, E, and sunflower, almond, soybean, and coconut oils all help add volume and body,” she says. “But you also want your shampoo to clean the residue that weighs down hair.”

#3 Conditioner to the Tips

Sometimes even something as simple as the way you shampoo can complete flip a situation upside-down and give you some newfound beauty effects. Juan Carlos Maciques, celebrity stylist at the Rita Hazan Salon of NYC recommends something really easy with some surprisingly fantastic results.

He says that you need to use a volume-oriented shampoo and then, if you use conditioner, to only smear it over the tips of your hair. This is because conditioner weighs down on your roots, which ends up flattening your hair and canceling the volume-boosting properties of the shampoo.

#4 Use Hot Rollers

Is it what you’re after is the volume that comes with a beautifully curly hair? Stephanie Harris has the perfect tip for you. She says that the premise is simple: the richer your curls, the more notable the volume. And to get big, gorgeous curls, set the hair in stand-up pin curls or use heated rollers.

“These processes don’t have to be accomplished overnight, but to achieve the best results, you should use a holding spray as you style,” Harris concludes.

Wrapping Up

And that was how to add volume to hair, all via the shared wisdom of some of the most renowned hair experts around. They’re really easy, really accessible, and get the stamp of approval regarding their effectiveness from some incredibly talented stylists. That’s enough for us!