Instead of spending a lot of money by going to a salon, you can create your own acrylic nail designs at home. All you have to do is finding inspiration in the best and most creative hubs and tutorials. From YouTube to Instagram and other websites, there are plenty of online resources when it comes to learning how to create a beautiful manicure. Here are the ones where you will find plenty of ideas and which are easy to do.

The Best Inspirational Hubs for Acrylic Nail Designs

shorter nails with 3D floral patterned manicure

#1. Cutepolish

This is definitely one of the most popular acrylic nail designs channels on YouTube. Sandi Ball has created it and now she has attracted a huge fanbase of almost three million people. All her posts, videos, and tutorials are easy to make, and they are also extremely fun and entertaining. She uploads new posts every week, and all her designs are unique, original and trendy.

#2. Love4Nails

This is another great channel where you can find plenty of amazing acrylic nail designs and other ideas for your manicure. This channel belongs to Raquel Pimentel, and it specializes only in nails. Not only she posts video tutorials on how to create perfect nails, but she also uploads other useful materials regarding nail maintenance and health.

#3. NailArtStyle

NailArtStyle is the thing you need if you are mad about beautiful nails and manicure ideas.  They offer a wide range of styles and designs, and they are truly empathic with the fact that all women should take their manicure into consideration when preparing their overall look. It doesn’t matter if you do your own manicure or if you regularly go to a salon. Either way, you need to be updated on the new trends constantly.

#4. Crazy Nailzz

This Instagram nail hub always presents beautiful acrylic nail designs for those of you who are truly into nail trends and manicure ideas. Besides this account, you can also find Crazy Naillz’ ideas on Facebook and also on their own website/blog. Although nails are an important topic discussed on their blog, you can also find materials related to other subjects such as beauty, lifestyle, and fashion.

#5. TotallyCoolNails

If you are in love with interesting nail art themes and neon colors you should visit TotallyCoolNails hub. Catherine reveals a lot of her acrylic nail designs secrets. All her tutorials are explained in such a great way that it will be a lot easier for you to recreate what she is presenting. You will discover a lot of fun designs that are beautiful and eye catching. Don’t worry if your nails are short. On this hub, you will find plenty of ideas on how to create a beautiful manicure if you have short nails.

Wrapping It Up

All of the above nail hubs provide great and useful advice on how to create your own acrylic nail designs at home, without the need to go to a salon. Their patterns and designs are not that difficult to do, especially if you pay attention and if you keep practicing. I hope you will like them and find inspiration on these channels and websites.

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