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Are you sick of paying for overpriced razor blades? Sick of having to head to the store too frequently to get new ones? Beautifully Alive has found the simple solution for you! 99 Cent Razor! 99 Cent Razor is a razor subscription service for both men AND women! No other shaving subscription clubs offer razors specifically for women.



You can buy razors and shaving cream once at a higher cost, or buy a razor subscription for $3.96 + shipping.  You can customize when you receive your razors on a timeline that works for YOU! Once a month or tri-monthly, their new user friendly account system makes it easy to change your order preferences at any time. What’s really different about 99 Cent Razor, is that all the products are made in the USA and are NOT tested on animals. 



#Shave4Shelters is a program developed by 99 Cent Razor to help the animals! For every order placed on their site, 99¢ will be donated to Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team (S.T.A.R.T.) who we’ve partnered with for #Shave4Shelters. Together we can make a difference!


They now provide a referral system where subscribers can receive a free month when they refer a new customer. The new customer will receive a free month for joining under a referral as well. There is a chatterbox on the site with live support to help existing or potential customers with any questions they have. Beautifully Alive highly recommends 99 Cent Razor for all your shaving needs!

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