Whether you have straight or curly hair, regardless of the type, hair care should be taken seriously. Your personal hygiene reflects your image. In this article, we are going to share tips and practices for men’s hair care.

Here are 9 rules that men should observe:

1. Know Your Hair Type

Knowing your hair type will help you to deal with it correctly. Determine if you have thick or thin hair. Is it fine or coarse? Do you have straight or curly hair? Or is it wavy? Are you about to go bald?

This can help you determine what hairstyle you are most suited for and what products you should be using in order to keep your hair healthy. This could also help avoid damage to your hair that can be caused by the wrong products.

2. Wash and Dry Properly

Washing hair daily is not best for all men. We have different scalps and we naturally produce essential oils that help make hair healthy. Don’t even think of washing twice.

Yes, there is such a thing as over washing, especially if you have dry and coarse hair. If you have this hair type, try to limit washing to only once or twice a week. You don’t have to wash it every day because it will only make it even drier. Always use conditioner to make hair smoother. Depending on your hair type, experiment and see what works best for you.

If your hair is exposed to heat all the time, it tends to get damaged. The same thing happens if you do sports activities often. Your hair will need to stay fresh and clean. After washing, don’t leave your hair wet for a long time because it will be vulnerable to damage. Instead of rubbing your hair after washing just pat it dry to avoid hair breakage and stress on the scalp.

3. Use The Right Products

Purchase the right styling products for your hair type. You’ll be amazed as there is more than just one type of styling product available in the market because they all do different things. It is important to learn the differences between these products, such as wax, pomade, spray, mousse, cream, and gel. They all serve a unique purpose and a specific hair type.

To learn more you can research about it online. Ask a barber or you can visit a salon for tips. Nara Hair Korean salon will be able to give you good advice on styling men’s hair. They specialize in styling and caring for the trendiest Korean styles for men. Don’t use too many products though, just the right amount will do to style and control your hair. Don’t overdo it or your hair might look heavy and unnatural.

For men who are experiencing thinning of hair, switch to matte products. Matte styling clay or paste products are known to absorb light, which makes hair look thicker and manageable.

4. Regular Maintenance

Depending on your hair type, know when the best time is to cut your hair. The best times would be around every 4-6 weeks or you can opt to visit the barber at least once a month. Regularly trimming your hair prevents split ends and makes hair look healthy.

5. Balance

Pick a haircut or hairstyle that will balance your face. Know what your face shape is as well. Ask your barber or hair stylist what makes you look good and appealing.

Balance out your facial features. If you have big ears go for a hairstyle that is longer, especially on the sides. If you have a large forehead, forget about a man ban. Find a haircut that can cover your forehead, like the Justin Bieber hairstyle with the bangs that goes sideways.

6. Manage Your Sideburns

Don’t let them grow out of control. Considering your hair type, shape of your face and the density of your facial hair, try to find a haircut that will compliment your sideburns. Styling your facial hair is also as important as your hair. It helps balance how your hair grows out so that it will be easier to maintain.

Also consider taking vitamins such as vitamin C, D and zinc. Taking these supplements can affect the growth of your sideburns.

7. Exercise

Aside from frequent visits to the salon to maintain your hair’s health, your physical and optimal health can also affect your hair. Eat well, stay hydrated and take in a lot of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

8. Stay Natural

Style your hair to a minimum. Chemical treatments are not always good. Don’t dye, perm or color your hair too often to avoid excessive damage.

9. Embrace being bald

Going bald is in our DNA. Go all the way. Shave your head and rock the look. Don’t fight your destiny, embrace it.

Knowing all these rules will help you care and manage your hair well.


Terry Shin is the director and owner of a top-notch Melbourne hair salon. He has been in the hairdressing industry for more than 10 years and has served thousands of satisfied customers.