When did dressing up for Halloween become a full-time job? It seems that as soon as October 1st hits, there are more and more women posting their impressive makeup tutorials and hand stitching their Halloween costumes. As a plus-sized woman, you may be looking for Halloween costumes that will show off your wonderful figure and curves. If you are sick of going through Pinterest only to find more girls scantily clad as black cats, you have come to the right place. Today we are going to count down our favorite attractive Halloween costumes for plus-sized women!

1. Minnie Mouse

girl in mickey mouse costume

2. Angel


angel Halloween costume


3. Ursula


ursula Halloween costume


4. Fairy Godmother


fairy godmother costume



5. Disney Princesses


disney princess costumes


6. Mermaid


girl in mermaid costume


7. Catwoman


catwoman Halloween costume


8. Little Red Riding Hood


little red riding hood costume


We hope that no matter what you decide to wear on Halloween, you feel beautiful and sexy doing it. Have a favorite plus-sized Halloween costume we missed? Let us know in the comments below!