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These fourth of July hairstyles ideas will help you look amazing, showing your patriotic spirit and celebrating with your families and friends. Here are some fourth of July hairstyles ideas that will prove you are enjoying this holiday.

Braid and ribbon

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You can use white, red and blue ribbon intertwined in your strands of hair. Then, you could do a normal, easy braid, starting from the top of the head towards the ends. You will definitely stand out on the 4th of July when celebrating the special day with your relatives.

The flag in your hair

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Help your little girls have an amazing look this 4th of July! Braid your little one’s hair in such a way that you would form a star. Isn’t that amazing? You and your daughter can have matching hairstyles and make sure you put a blue ribbon with a white star in your hair to show that you are celebrating America’s national day.

Ribbon and a bun

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Use red and blue ribbon and make some thin small ponytails. Then, you should attach the ribbon to the hair ties and form a star. In the middle of the star, you can make a hair bun. Make use you use some hairspray for your hair to stay in place.

Flag-ribbon and braid

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Use a scarf with the flag of the US on it and intertwine it in your hair when braiding it. Make just one long braid, having this scarf in the middle. In this way, all the three colors of the flag will be visible.

Two ponytails

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Put your hair in two ponytails and tie them with red ribbon. Make sure you separate the hair appropriately to design a star in the middle of your head. You need to leave some hair out to make a small bun right in the center of the star. Around the bun, you could sprinkle some golden hair glitter to make that star shine. You will look exquisite!

Big ribbon

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If you want to show how much you love your country, you can wear a big ribbon with the flag of America on this 4th of July. Pull your hair into a high ponytail and attach a big ribbon at the base of the ponytail. Now, you are ready to celebrate!

A bun and a ribbon

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You can make a nice big bun on top of your hair and place a big ribbon with the American flag right underneath it. This ribbon will reveal the patriotic spirit that lies inside you. You will show everyone that you are proud of your country.

Curls and a big ribbon

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Use a curling iron to make some big loose curls. You can use a hair brush to offer more volume on the top part of your head. Apply hair spray on your curls to make sure they stay in place and attach a big ribbon with the America’s flag. This is a fantastic look!

Summing up, these fourth of July hairstyles will make you look extraordinary during this amazing holiday. You will stand out of the crowd with these patriotic hairstyles and hair accessories.