Having a dewy skin glow is any girl’s dream. Probably, many women tried to obtain this look by using products that promised a J. Lo glow. A dewy skin looks very natural and feminine. Furthermore, a plump, hydrated skin can only be the indicator of youth. Besides these tricks that will definitely help you look amazing, you should not forget about drinking a considerable amount of water, but also using regular moisturizing and exfoliating process.

Lip balm

Some say that applying Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil on your cheeks can help you obtain that dewy look. It has a subtle pink tone, adding a natural flush to your complexion. Furthermore, the oils in the balm moisturize your skin, offering a dewy glow. You just have to swipe it on each cheek and slowly blend it in.

Coconut oil

We all know that coconut oil brings so many benefits to the skin, being used to fix several issues. You need to know that it can also be used a non-comedogenic highlighter. You can add a dab on your cheekbones, across the bridge of your nose and also on your brow bone to have a hydrated finish.

Marula oil

To use this trick, you will need a spray bottle in which you will place one part Marula oil and two parts water. Marula oil is one of the best antioxidant oils in the world. Do not worry because you can purchase it at any health food store. Apply your makeup as you usually do and then spritz two puffs of spray on your face. This oil will soften your skin, while also balancing the moisture levels.

Royal Jelly

This product is a honey bee secretion. All women who already know about this product love the fact that it contains a high amount of complex B vitamins, enzymes, antibacterial and antibiotic properties, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids. It is recommended to buy this in pure form, without added chemicals. You should apply it before applying your daily makeup.


Getting a dewy look was never simpler than this! You just need to mix two shades of lipstick. However, you need to pay attention: one should have a little shimmer, and the other should be matte but creamy. Pat this mix onto your cheekbones, and you will have customized blush.

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Having dewy skin is a sign of young, hydrated skin which has a natural glow.

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No one likes runny highlighters. Therefore, you may grab an eye shadow. Choose between a white, beige, gold or peach shade. Use your finger to press some eye shadow on your cheekbones, and you will obtain a dewy finish. Furthermore, you can take that eye shadow and mix it with a little bit of coconut oil.


This may seem like a joke, but it actually works. You can use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to get a dewy look. You may apply it on your lips, lids, and cheeks irrespective of the fact that you choose to wear makeup or not.

Gathering our brushes

These amazing tricks will surely make your skin look younger and more hydrated. You will have a sexy, dewy look while avoiding runny highlighters or other unpleasant makeup experiences.