Since we are in the stalking business of following beauty bloggers and nail art designers, we couldn’t leave out some of the most creative people on the internet: hair colorists. They are the ones that not only know all the trends in hair color and hair styling, but they are the ones setting those trends. If you love to experiment with your hair and look different quite often, nothing compares with following these veritable painters. Do you know where everything colored takes place in this world? On Instagram, of course! Let us see today our top picks of 7 hair colorists to follow on Instagram for inspiration, tips, tricks, and amazing works of art!

1. Jaymz Marsters

Jaymz Marsters hair colorists instagram account

On the jaymz.marsters account you will find a fine British hair colorist that can measure his talents with some of the most appraised painters of the world. He is indeed a coloring genius, either he creates beautiful rainbow-like hairdos or plays with metallic hues in outstanding balayage color combinations. His amazingly curated Instagram feed is similar to an art gallery. If you are a bit bored with your hair or just looking for new ways to give yourself a smashing makeover, Jamyz Marsters is your go-to painter!

2. Jenny Cho

jenny cho hair colorists instagram account

Jenny Cho’s Instagram account is a fabulous display of celebrities. Jenny calls divas like Naomi Watts, Jennifer Lawrence or Emilia Clarke “clients”, meaning she is responsible for these VIP’s hair colors and hairstyles. Subtle, feminine, timeless, amazing – this is how you can describe Jenny Cho’s hair coloring art. She is an example that elegance and class will never go out of fashion. If you want to get creative with your hair colors and hairdos, you can trust that Jenny’s account is the Holy Grail of all that and then some!

3. Rebecca Taylor

rebecca taylor hair colorists instagram account

If color, glam, and whimsy are the things you are looking for at the beginning of this year, you have come to the right place. Rebecca Taylor’s Instagram feed is something magic. Many hair colorists specialize on one or a few expertise fields, and Rebecca is not an exception. Her secret superpower is brightness. Many of her creations are extremely challenging, but it seems she would never say no to a project that really pushes her skills and imagination beyond borders. If you follow her Instagram account, you will enter a world of awe, as she present colorful, glamorous, vibrant colors in intricate hairstyles. We also recommend you follow her tips, hints, and work process, as you will better understand her remarkable ability to turn the most complex hair-coloring task into a masterpiece.

4. Mark Townsend

mark townsend hair colorists intagram account

Do you know what Shay Mitchell, Portia de Rossi, Gal Godot, Kerry Washington or Chrissy Teigen have in common? Their hair colorist and stylist Mark Townsend. He is celebrities’ favorite for some very good reasons: creative, exceptionally skilled and fun to work with (at least this is what we felt after browsing his Instagram account). No matter if you are looking out of the box ideas on hair color or hairstyles, Mark Townsend’s Instagram feed is a constant source of inspiration, fun selfies, stunning hairdos and great color suggestions.

5. Shelley Gregory

shelley gregory hair colorists instagram account

Do you enjoy the pastel hair trend just as much as we do? Great, because now we can give credit to the woman who set the trend and turned it into a new school of art – Shelley Gregory. This Las Vegas stylist is famous for three things: she works with a mind-blowing variety of dyes; she mixes her own unique and signature blend dye colors, and she is the queen of pastels. If you want to follow hair colorists on Instagram this year, Shelley Gregory’s Instagram account introduces you to a new universe altogether, where innovation meets experience.

6. Anh Co Tran

anh co tran hair colorists instagram account

Do you want before-and-after photos of fabulous hair colors and hairstyles? Do you want to witness the transformation process? Do you want to have front row sits to a color show that takes art a few steps further? Welcome to Anh Co Tran’s Instagram account! Lovers of lived-in waves, metallic hues, pastels, color innovation and haircuts techniques should get ready for the ride of their life on this feed. Anh Co Tran offers “post-production” photos of his clients, while allowing to take a sneak peek at how he works.

7. Alexandre Gregoire

alexandre gregoire hair colorists instagram account

Last but not least on our top favorite hair colorists on Instagram is Alexandre Gregoire. This amazing hairstylists is adamant in proving that hair art can be achieved using natural looking dyes, not just boxes of crayons. If you paid attention, we mentioned that one of the hottest 2018 hair trends is going to be natural hair hues. We are not sure yet if he was the one setting the trend, but Alexander’s creations are something to fall in love with. Alexandre Gregoire’s Instagram account is the live and living testament that natural colors are still the epitome of beauty. If you want to experience first-hand his skillful mentality of highlighting natural features and colors, start following his Instagram feed.

Gathering our dyes…

Tell us who your favorite hair colorists are! Do you follow their Instagram accounts? Which ones do you love more? Would you experiment with the ideas on display?

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