If you want to offer your nails a totally different look, you should definitely check the next 3D nail designs that will transform your manicure from boring into extraordinary. Three-dimensional nail art is suitable for both extensions and natural nails. The typical way of creating 3D nail art is by using acrylics.

Specialists indicate that the powder which is used to develop this type of nail designs is polymer powder. The powder is used together with monomer liquid to make the desired designs. After the creation of this nail design, it will solidify when getting in contact with air. Nevertheless, if you do not to use acrylics for your nail art, you can try applying fimo canes, 3D stickers, rhinestones, dried flowers, and molded acrylic designs.

Now, let’s take a look at some other suggestions including non-acrylic and acrylic 3D nail art.

Nude nails and flowers

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This manicure looks gorgeous. It is so simple, yet so exquisite and elegant. You can apply a nude shade on your nails and then some acrylic white flowers. Your delicate nails will recommend you as a romantic person.

Red nails and white flowers

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Using a darker shade of red nail polish and combining it with some 3D white flowers will look amazing. You can also try to use some white glitter for a shimmery look. Hence, you will have a fantastic manicure.

Chocolate lover

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Who does not love chocolate? Now you have the chance to create all sorts of chocolate hearts and candies from acrylic paint and decorate your nails. Isn’t that amazing? You can also use some glitter or rhinestones which look like colorful sprinkles for the chocolate cupcakes on your nails.

Shaped acrylic designs

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You can try applying all sorts of shaped acrylic designs which were developed from acrylics and were left to dry. They now look like small jewels for your nails. Try out some tiny pink hearts or pink bows for a girly and funny 3D nail design.

Rhinestones and other accessories

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This may look complicated, but it is actually not. You just need to be extremely patient and gentle when applying all these fantastic small jewels. First, you need to start with using rhinestones, and then you can add something like a vintage flower or a small lipstick. You can even attach a small symbol with your favorite brand. Be as creative as you can!

Rainbows and unicorns

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If you want a playful nail art, then you can choose to apply some nicely colored unicorns after painting your nails with a mixture of colors, like pink, coral, purple and yellow. Apply some rhinestones on the rest of your nails and your 3D nail design will look spectacular.

Black with rhinestones

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You may choose for a simpler look, using a black nail polish on which you may apply some colorful rhinestones and sparkle. This looks amazing!

Summing up, these four 3D nail designs suggestions can help you decide what tools to purchase when going shopping. You need to make sure you have everything you need to start creating outstanding nail art.