When celebrating the national day, 4th of July nails could be a new trend. Painting your nails in the colors of your flag’s colors will make you stand out when celebrating this special day with your friends and family. If you have ever wondered about how many ways you can paint the flag of America on your nails, you will find the answer in the suggestions below. Here are some ideas for 4th of July nails that will reveal the patriot in you.

Blue nail polish and white dots

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Choose a metallic blue nail polish and apply it on your finger nails. Use a thin brush to design some small white dots after the blue coat has dried. On one of your nails, you can apply a little red star, or you can paint it with red nail polish. It depends on the tools you own.

Red and white stripes

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There are millions of ways you can combine red, blue and white to get the American flag on your nails. Here is another idea. You can apply a transparent nail coat and then start a French manicure using red and white stripes. Isn’t this amazing? To complete the flag, apply little white stars on blue nail polish, and you’re good to go.

No flag, just fireworks

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Who said you need to paint the American flag? You can paint some fantastic fireworks. However, you need to make sure you have the appropriate nail art tools to develop the perfect 4th of July nail art. After you mix in a nice pattern the blue, red and white nail polish, make sure you add some glitter too. Now, your 4th of July nail art design is complete.

Colorful stripes

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If you cannot decide between two different kinds of manicure, then you can combine two. Paint two of your fingernails using a pattern and the other three using another pattern. In this way, you will use the three colors of the flag in different ways.

Red glitter and blue stars

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Apply a white coat of nail polish on half of your nail and then red glitter on the other half. Paint three of your nails with matte blue nail polish. Make sure you have a transparent tape with little stars on it. In this way, you can stick it on your fingernails and use some transparent nail coat. This is one of the most exquisite 4th of July nail art ideas!

Blue, red and white glitter

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For this manicure, you will need three different matte nail polishes in red, blue and white. Also, you need to purchase glitter in red, white and blue. Apply a different top coat on your fingernails, starting with the blue one, then the white nail polish and finally the red one. Repeat this on all your fingers and at the base of the nail you can sprinkle some glitter while the nail polish is still wet.

Summing up, this 4th of July nails will make you stand out, giving you a patriotic look. Wear the flag in your heart, but also on your nails this 4th of July!