We’ve all been there, you’re in the bathroom with some girlfriends, and you realize that you have forgotten your mascara or your lipstick, and you simply can’t go without a touch up. So, you just share, right? After reading these eight things that happen when you share your beauty products, you’ll think twice before handing over your mascara to even your closest of friends.

1. Lipsticks lead to cold sores

Even your best friend could have cold sores without you realizing, so when you borrow her chapstick or lipstick, you could be given that virus carried by the product, and you will be stuck with offering with cold sores for, quite possibly, the rest of your life. Use your own lipstick! We have some great lipsitck choices here:

2. Mascara causes pink eye!

You know, that nasty infection that you steer completely clear of if someone has? Well, you might not be as far from it as you think if you’re sharing your eye makeup with your friends.

3. Staph Infections

Even conditions as serious as staph infections can be transferred through the sharing of makeup. Around one third of people carry the bacteria, fungi and viruses involved with spreading staph infections, usually the infection isn’t too serious, but you never do know how your body will react. So, it’s much better to be safe than sorry!

4. You don’t know how your friend treats their makeup

Although you may treat your makeup in a very clean, respectful manner, you can never know in what way your friend treats their makeup. Many people do not wash their hands before using their beauty products, or they store them in filthy places. Do you really want all of these unknown bacteria on your face? Do they even wash their brushes? Check out the best way to wash your brushes, here.

5. Sharing makeup can worsen your acne

Many beauty product, like cheap foundation, is already harmful for your skin. Adding a friends germs onto the foundation your applying, can lead to worsening your acne.

6. Your friends makeup may be old

Along with not knowing how clean your friends makeup is, you also don’t know how long they have owned this product! Old makeup will be filled with many more germs and can easily lead to infections. Expired makeup can be seriously harmful for your beauty routine. Learn more about the dangers of expired makeup here.


After learning about some of the negative effects of sharing beauty products, you may think twice about lending your best friend that lip gloss! Look out for the health of yourself, and your friends by avoiding the sharing of beauty products!