Are you trying to make a DIY concealer but you do not know what ingredients you should use? Take a look at the videos below, and you will definitely learn how to make your own concealer at home.

DIY Concelear| Make your own Concealer using only 2 Products

By Being Fabulous

If you want to make your own concealer, you should watch this video. You need a small container. Make sure you have properly disinfected the box. Then, you need to a moisturizing cream. Another ingredient is pressed powder which has a matte effect. Furthermore, you will also need foundation.

First, add the moisturizer in the container. Next, scratch some powder and place it over the moisturizer. Add a little amount of foundation and mix it well.

How To EASY Creamy Concealer (2 ingredients!)

By BeautyChikk26

Use an old concealer box which you have eventually cleaned. As main ingredients, you will need a powder, a 3 in 1 foundation and a regular foundation. It is important that your powder should not be transparent. If you have a transparent one, it will not provide you any coverage. You will also need pressed powder.

First, mix the two foundations. Use the two powders, by first adding the pressed one. Make sure you mix well all the ingredients. If you want to, you can microwave it for about 30 seconds to make it easier for you to mix the ingredients and obtain a smooth paste.


By Yvette Polanka

Making a concealer in an EOS shape could be really helpful, being easier to apply it. First, clean an EOS container. Remove the original lip balm using any pointy utensil. The ingredients needed are: bee wax, coconut oil, powder foundation, and pressed powder. Start by microwaving the ingredients for 30 seconds.

After melting the ingredients, just place the cream in the EOS container. Place the concealer into the freezer for 30 minutes.


By Cute Bube

For this DIY concealer, you will need bee wax, shea butter, coconut oil, and face powder. First, microwave the bee wax together with the shea butter and coconut oil. Then, add the face powder and mix it well. You can use an old lipstick container or concealer container to place the new one. Let it dry and use it.

Long Lasting Homemade Concealer

By BeautifulHealthyMom

Take an empty container and two q-tips. As main ingredients, you need a creamy face primer, a mineral powder foundation. Put some face primer into the container and then add some powder foundation. Mix them together. The concealer will last longer because you will have a primer as a base.

DIY Homemade Concealer | Only 3 Products | Super Easy with Demo | (Special Week Day 1)

By ShimmerGirlzBeauty

You only need three ingredients to make your own concealer. You need to use foundation, compact powder, and a moisturizer. First, put some moisturizer in the clean container, add foundation and then place the powder. Mix them well, and the concealer is ready to be used.

Summing up, all these tutorials can help you decide which DIY concealer recipe best works for you. Have fun while making it!