Make your weight loss program that much easier by enjoying the benefits of our best slimming tea options. Who would’ve thought that you can boost your metabolism to slim down by doing something as relaxing as enjoying a nice cup of tea? Well, you can do just that. So, without further ado, we present you the best weight loss teas you should absolutely have in your cupboard. Just whip them out, boil some water, and keep your metabolic rate under control – all naturally and organically.

The 6 Best Slimming Tea Options

#1 Lipton Green Tea

The benefits of green tea are well known. After all, we (as a species) won’t shut up about them. Weight loss is only one of the many positive effects sipping on a cup of green tea can have. And as far as brands go, many argue that there aren’t green teas better than Lipton’s. Not only is it entirely natural, but it’s also incredibly tasty.

#2 Celebration Herbals Organic Turmeric Ginger Lemon Blend

Turmeric may not sound like the kind of ingredient you’d want in your cup of tea, but its lifelong string of benefits begs to differ. In order to make the tea as tasty as it is healthy, Celebration uses a soothing and light blend with ginger and lemon to give it a pleasant flavor.

#3 Yogi Teas Detox Peach

Yogi Teas is a renowned company in the field of detoxing and weight loss teas, so it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that it’s a mandatory presence on this list. They have a wide array of products up for grabs, but we went for the one with arguably one of the most pleasant flavors: sunny peach.

#4 Afterglow Detox Tea Combo (Morning and Night)

With the Afterglow DetoxTea Combo, you can actually undergo a proper weight loss and detox program. Designed for a 14-day routine, these packets combine white tea, green tea, goji berries, and ginger (among others) to create the perfect foundation for weight loss.

#5 BaeTea 14-Day Detox

Using the same premise as the aforementioned product, this package is specially designated for a 14-day weight loss and detox routine. The blend is a mix of various herbs which also contribute to boosted energy levels and getting rid of any excessive bloating that might be bothering you.

#6 Teatox Skinny Morning Organic Green Tea With Mate

This pleasant blend of various fruit flavors can help you cleanse your body while also boosting metabolism to favor weight loss. Although this is a morning tea, Teatox also has an evening option available for all of you late-night drinkers out there.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, it doesn’t get any better than the best slimming tea options we’ve just enlisted. Pick your favorite diet and exercise routine to get started. Then, toss these boxes of tea in your cart next time you go shopping (online or otherwise) and get to brewing!