A splatter of marigold color to your makeup or clothing will definitely brighten up your apparel. Depending on how you match it and the kind of outfits you decide to sport, you can reach all kinds of different vibes. Do you want to ooze breezy, summery vibes? Would you like to create a royal aesthetic that remains casual enough to be able to go for a stroll in the streets? Well, we’ve got you covered. Keep on reading to discover how to integrate this lively shade into your outfits and makeup.

5 Ways of Using the Marigold Color

In Makeup

With a marigold-based makeup, there’s not really any way through which you can achieve a look destined for casual circumstances. Save it for a cocktail party or an evening gathering where you’d like to bring a little bit of the sun into the night. See some look examples right below.

#1 French Marigold Makeup

This kind of makeup isn’t for those who enjoy making their eyes pop with dark, earthy shades. It’s a look which really brings summer to life since not even the famed winged eyeliner uses black in this gorgeous, warm explosion of colors. Peach, poppy, eggplant violet, yellow – let’s just say you will need a pretty rich eyeshadow palette to complete this tutorial, which you can find right here.

#2 Gold, Green, Marigold

Although this tutorial is from 2009, it doesn’t mean that it’s only good to sit in the trashcan of makeup trends. It’s a bright and vibrant look, which brings together a softer blend of colors than the previous one, respectively the colors mentioned in the title. Modify it to your heart’s desire to get a unique style.

#3 Marigold and Plum Eyes + Nude Lips

Despite its summery vibes, marigold works just as well incorporated in a fall inspired makeup look. This particular one uses a vibrant clash of colors between the marigold and plum shades, very well balanced out by the nude lip hue.

In Clothing

Okay, what next? How can you make the best of the special vibrant allure and sweetness of this color in your outfits?

#4 Plain as It Is

Fortunately, marigold is a color strong enough to resist on its own, so you can rest assured that you will make a significant impact by donning a one-shaded dress. Many celebs have taken this approach and completely rocked this look.

See: Michelle Obama, Kirsten Dunst.

#5 A Fashionable Accessory

marigold ribbon dress

Here we have a gal sporting a beautiful white dress speckled with the ever-so-cool color combination of gold and blue. However, the definite star of this outfit is the marigold ribbon tied around her waist. In other words, you can’t go wrong with a splash of marigold color.

Another great example is this stunning combination of black with marigold floral patterns, as found on Nordstrom’s website.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, a sprinkle of marigold color to your makeup routine or your wardrobe will certainly go a long way. The best part about this shade is that it’s so vibrant and lively, it can put you in an instant good mood.