Just as you know, we are passionate about nail art and we do everything in our power to offer you the latest and most exquisite nail trends. The year 2018 looks spectacular when it comes to new designs and spectacular combinations. Not so long ago, we presented you with seven nail art bloggers you should follow to stay up to date with the latest fashion. Browsing the internet, we also discovered that geometric nail art is all the rage right now. This style plays on the minimalist side of things with a dash of glamour, so we chose X stunning geometric nail art examples for you to try this year. Before we delve in the following amazing creations, we have to emphasize on the fact that geometric nail art works amazing for both short and long nails no matter their shape. They make your personal style stand out. You can use geometric art on a few nails or on all of them – only the sky is the limit here!

1. Black and White Geometric Nail Designs

geometric nail art black and white or nude designs

Black and white nails were one of the trendiest nail art designs of 2017 and it seems they are here to stay. Create a white color base and draw some clean and straight black lines on them. You can also play with some variations and draw straight white lines on a black base. If you really want to up your ante, switch the white to a nude shade. Nude nails are still in high fashion so now you can mix two trends into one and look spectacular no matter the occasion.

2. The Golden Tape

geometric nail art golden tape pastel colors

Geometric nail art allows you to create infinite combinations of colors and designs. If you throw in some golden tape as well there will be no stopping you. Go for an eye-catching soft pastel color scheme and use some golden tape to get the geometry right. Such art works amazing for shorter to medium nails. It also makes the perfect nail design for a more refined occasion where you need subtle and feminine glamour. Gold nail art designs will not get outdated anytime soon, so now it is your greatest chance to mix this trend with the newer geometric one and become a trendsetter!

3. Swirling Angles

geometric nail art swirling angles contrasting colors

We admit: your hands need to be steady, your nail polish of the highest quality, and your colors very carefully were chosen to pull off such an incredible geometric nail art design. Nevertheless, if you manage all these requirements you are about to create some of the most outstanding nails of the year. Their timeless beauty lies in the fact that you can mix a very wide variety of contrasting colors or complementary nuances. You can design all your nails this way or you can choose to draw the swirling angles on just some of them for an impressive effect.

4. The Silver Lining

geometric nail art silver glitter

Well, it is not quite silver linings we want to talk about, but rather a very refined piece of nail art mixing the timeless white matte with thin geometric designs and silvery glitter for outstanding results. If you do not like glitter switch to metallic hues and chrome finishes to get a fun and elevated look. Stylish and striking, metallic silvery hues work miracles together with geometric nail designs in a demure, yet glamorous creation.

5. Art Deco with a Hint of Geometry

geometric nail art art deco nails

Art Deco nails are coming back in edgy, yet streamlines designs. Start with the black, as black nail designs are not going to go out of fashion, and build your art deco nails keeping geometry in mind. The golden line helps you separate the colors from a visual point of view, creating contrast and glamour in a simple but effective way. Pick your favorite contrasts and make your nails stand out from the crowd in a high-end manner!

Wrapping up…

What are your favorite geometric nail art creations? Do you have other ideas you would like to share with us?

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