Looking for hairstyles for fine hair that will add a much-needed volume boost to your tresses? Then you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading to discover what our favorite styling options are in order to gain a welcomed round of inspiration for your next salon visit.

People often confuse fine hair for thin or thinning hair. While the latter is a pretty unpleasant thing to be ‘guilty of,’ people with fine hair are actually really lucky. The difference arises in the thickness of the hair strand, which is considerably smaller than other instances. The bottom line is that fine hair tends to be silky, smooth, and very easy to manage. Easy to manage also means easy to style, so there’s no wonder that you have a myriad of haircuts at your disposal.

One of the biggest problems people with fine hair struggle with, though, is the tendency of their tresses to fall flat and lifeless. In other words, unless you enjoy the vibes given by your hair falling like a heavy curtain over your head, you should look for styles that twist some extra volume into your locks.

5 Best Hairstyles for Fine Hair

#1 Classy Medium Cut

keira knightley medium


In this photo, Keira Knightley is sporting an elegant and breezy medium haircut, perfect for fellows with fine hair. The addition of the relaxed bangs gives this style the extra dose of dynamism and volume that you’re looking for.

#2 Hidden Layers Fringe

kate moss fringe layers


Next up, for ladies with lengthy tresses, we have this example that’s beautifully showcased by Kate Moss. Neatly cut fringes are trendy again and combined with some hidden layers that add dynamism to the cut, the end result is really stunning. The best part is that it’s a really flexible look, leaving room for lots of styling options.

#3 Shaggy Lob

emma stone shaggy lob


You will find long bobs in all kinds of shapes and forms. After all, it’s a beautiful haircut which provides a great deal of opportunities and benefits. In this case, a lob similar to the one flaunted by the ever-so-gorgeous Emma Stone can really vitalize your locks and lift it, giving it volume and life.

#4 Straight Long Bob

straight long bob


Speaking of lobs, here’s one of the simplest styles you could go for. The length is just slightly below shoulder, it’s easy to style, and it provides a boost of volume via the swept hair which creates a dynamic asymmetry.

#5 Classic Layers

layered haircut


When in doubt, opt for layers. Layered haircuts are notorious for the way through which they can give your tresses a considerable lift. Regardless of the length of your hair, its texture, and other factors, there’s pretty much no way you can go wrong with this style.

Wrapping Up

And these were just some of the many hairstyles for fine hair that you should give a shot to next time you’re paying a visit to your local salon. Like we’ve already established, fine hair is a really flexible thing, so you can attempt numerous different styles and they should all work no problem!