Life hacks are really handy things and life hacks for hair shouldn’t be of any exception. In fact, we feel like we’re in dire need of as many of those as possible, seeing how continuously unpredictable hair tends to be. You’ve followed that stylist-approved curling tutorial and got no results. You had countless attempts at trying to get your bangs to stay in one way – to no success. What next? Well, maybe salvation comes in the shape of these hair hacks.

5 Essential Life Hacks for Hair from Famous Stylists

#1 Avoid Greasy Hair in the Shower

If you shampoo and condition your hair in its entirely, you might need to reconsider your routine.

Fox & Jane Salon Co-Founder and Creative Director Lorean Cairns recommends only applying the conditioner to the ends of your hair and only shampooing your roots. “With shampoo and conditioner it can be an easy (but bad) habit to load up product in our palms, then slathering it all over our heads without much thought,” said Cairns. “In truth, the ends of our hair rarely need shampoo, and our scalp, rarely needs conditioner. This is especially true for those of us that are inclined to produce high concentration of our own natural oils.”

#2 Paper Towels for a Quick Dry

Running out of time and you’ve just gotten out of shower? Do you want to avoid blow drying but your hair is taking ages to dry? Maybe you should try swapping your cotton towels for paper ones instead.

LA celebrity hairstylist Randi Petersen says, “By blotting wet hair with a paper towel, it absorbs much more water than a standard towel.”

#3 Tall and Mighty Ponytail

If you’d like to avoid your ponytail from sliding down and slouching while also giving it a boost of height, try Kristin Ess’ suggestion. Secure your ponytail as usual with a thick elastic and then wrap another elastic over the previous one. This will give more height to your updo and it will also secure it better in place.

#4 Get Perfect Morning-After Curls

George Papanikolas, celebrity hairstylist behind the glamorous looks of big A-list names such as Mila Kunis or the Kardashians (either of them) has to share a very simple tip to get those perfect, bouncy curls. Instead of picking up that curling iron the moment your hair dries out, go to bed instead. If you allow your hair to ‘dirty up’ a little bit overnight, you can get those neat curls in the morning.

#5 Keep Your Styling Tools Clean

If you think you’re doing everything in your might to keep your hair clean and pretty but things seem to go wrong regardless, maybe you still haven’t tried everything. Celeb stylist Charles Worthington stresses the importance of cleaning your straighteners and curling tongs with a soft towel dipped in alcohol at least once every two weeks. This is to avoid residue and dirt from building up and getting all tangled in your hair.

Wrapping Up

Neat life hacks for hair require practice. Make them part of your routine ASAP.