Making a good impression, whether personal or professional, is important to most people. As travel seems to become more and more essential to both business and leisure, it can become a bit challenging to maintain your physical presentation. Feeling your best means looking your best, so here are 5 grooming tips to keep in mind while packing your bags, whether for business or for pleasure.


First things first, you are going to want your basic and essential grooming items accessible. Even if your flight is a short one, you don’t want to risk losing all of your products and grooming tools if your luggage gets misplaced. This means keeping at least some of them in your carry-on, which requires a bit of planning.

Make sure that you have containers that fit travel regulations or invest in travel sized versions of your must-have products before your trip. Whatever way you choose to go, make sure that the containers are secure, and won’t come undone if you hit turbulence. Things, like keeping your razor in a safety razor case, and making sure combs and grooming tools are securely put away in your travel case, will also help prevent accidents from happening.


With flu exposure and infection reaching new heights domestically, and with an array of world health concerns happening globally, it is considerably important that you make sure to take the proper steps to prevent yourself from getting ill while you travel. (Besides, nothing ruins a professional impression or a nice vacation quite like cold sweats and vomiting.)

Items such as a travel bottle of hand sanitizer and sanitation wipes are good to have on hand and close at all times. These should be your most accessible items, as you will likely use them the most. Be sure and sanitize your hands frequently, but also remember to moisturize properly afterward. Small cracks that happen from having dry skin can lead to skin infections and irritations. Frequently sanitizing and moisturizing will help to prevent you from catching anything your fellow travelers might be carrying around.


When choosing which grooming items to pack, be sure that you choose products and styles that are easily freshened up or require minimal fuss, as opposed to maintenance heavy looks that require a lot of products and grooming tools. Make sure to leave heavy products at home or in your checked bags and opt for lighter more comfortable grooming products for your travel needs.

2 in 1 body wash-shampoo combos make for easy freshening on long trips and won’t take up much room at all in your carry-on bag. Choosing hair products to travel with will depend on your hair texture and style. However, if possible, choosing hair products that are water soluble will allow you to freshen up your look by wetting your hair and running your fingers or a comb through it. Make your travel product choices by picking products that are efficient and will minimize your travel stress while you’re busy looking great.

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Balance is key, in this grooming department. While you definitely don’t want to overpower your fellow passengers with an overly strong scent, you want to smell nice. Finding a fragrance that is subtle enough not to be invasive, but bold enough to make a statement is tricky.

Consider for a moment the scent of your deodorant, your body wash, your moisturizer, your cologne, and your aftershave. These are all products meant to help improve the way we smell, to some extent. Picking scents that match, or at least blend well is crucial. You may even want to choose unscented options for some of your grooming choices to help keep your scent from becoming overpowering. When you are deciding how you want to smell on your trip, it is best to go with a subtle scent that isn’t exceptionally strong and can be freshened if needed.


Traveling is unpredictable. As much as we plan and prepare, some things remain out of our control. Flights get delayed, luggage gets lost, things spill, and accidents happen. These are all reasons why modern travel requires a plan b; the backup outfit. Keeping spare clothes can be the difference between feeling defeated before you even get off the plane and feeling confident and ready for whatever comes next.

Packing a spare outfit is a bit trickier than it may seem at first, and the clothes you choose will vary in style based on the nature of your travel plans and your destination. Whatever the reason for your journey, be sure your extra clothes are wrinkle resistant and packed in a way that will keep them presentable in the event you should need to pull them out and put them on.

Whether you consider traveling to be an adventure or a chore, it is becoming a more common and more necessary part of life. Where ever your life or profession takes you, you deserve to stay looking and feeling great. Make things easier on yourself by planning ahead for your next trip, and keeping your travel grooming sensible, safe and stress-free. You’ll reach your destination feeling ready, rather than feeling like you need to get ready.