For long, there has been a raging debate as to whether walking is capable of eliminating the unpleasant belly fat.  This is further complicated by confusing information from the so-called “experts” carelessly floating information all over on this topic.

In this article, we’ll equip you with credible information to help you establish whether walking helps you attain your weight loss goals.

It’s a well-known fact that a slender body brings about a healthy life regimen. Belly fat, on the other hand, affects the quality of life as it makes your body vulnerable to heart diseases.

To attain that healthy lifestyle you are required to work out regularly and take healthy foods.

Good enough, you don’t have to go for hard workout sessions that leave you exhausted. Health practitioners have found a consensus that walking is a good form of physical exercise that can help in weight management. Moreover, regular energetic and active walks reduce heart diseases risks and other related diseases.

As earlier promised, here are some of the ways walking helps you lose weight and belly fat.

Activates and Preserves Lean Muscles

Starting off your day with any form of exercise means your body is burning calories and fats. This causes a weird reaction to happen where there is a massive loss of muscles because they are more metabolically active compared to fats. It happens that walking reduces the metabolism rate that transpires when you lose weight and focuses on burning the extra calories on your belly without causing your muscles to deteriorate.

Burning Belly Fat

Belly fat contributes to dangerous diseases such as stroke, heart problems, etc. Therefore, you should always look to shed some. Walking as a form of exercise has been proven to help people lose the unwanted belly fat.

According to an experiment conducted on a group of women, walking one to four-times a week registered waistline measurement reduction. This was then compared to a group that was put on a calorie-controlled diet. Although the latter also showed some belly fat reduction, the walking group reduced by a large margin compared to those who observed diet alone.

Improves Your Frame of Mind

One of the many benefits we acquire from any physical activity is a simultaneous drop in the level of stress and depression.

Walking is a component of physical activity, it automatically becomes an advantage to itself. With an enhanced mood, those brisk walks become fun and easier to keep up with.

Remember, you can’t do something efficiently when you are in a bad mood your body finds too physical to handle. Moreover, you will stay motivated on course. Thus you’ll walk more, in turn, reducing the extra weight.

Gives Hand Keeping Weight in Check

After losing those extra calories on your belly, you’ll have to continue practicing. There is always a loophole somewhere, and you can end up regaining the lost weight.

A moderate-intensity exercise (walking) would be a perfect activity to keep your weight in check. In fact, you’ll only be sacrificing 200 minutes every week to ensure you don’t regain the lost weight which means your weight would be stable all the time.

Final Take

Depending on your sex, walking a mile burns 100 calories in your body. With that in mind, you can easily estimate how many calories you’ll be burning every time you walk. You can enhance the intensity of your walks by walking on inclined terrains such as hills.

Walking is a cheaper and more convenient way to shed that extra belly fat. Try tagging along with a friend on your next walk, it will yield you a healthy habit and help you shed belly fat.

 About the Author:

Dan Chabert – Writing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Dan is an entrepreneur, husband, and ultramarathon distance runner. He spends most of his time co-managing home sites like That Sweet Gift, and health sites such as Runnerclick, Nicershoes, and He has also been featured on runner blogs all over the world.

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