When it comes to hair colors and hair color trends, only your imagination is the limit. Not so long ago, we looked at the balayage hair color technique and emphasized on the gorgeous metallic hues that seem to be all the rage right now. And since we were talking about metals then, why shouldn’t we focus today on silver? Chic and sophisticated, silver tones are everywhere around us from jewelry to clothes and shoes. Wearing silver as a hair color may seem counterintuitive for some. After all, we dye our hair to cover the white strands coming together with stress and age. Nevertheless, silver, gray, and platinum hair are all the rage right now. These hues are loud and proud and make some of the most stunning options in the summer season. Without further ado, let us see today four stunning hair color ideas that will make you look young, bright, bold, and seductive!

1. Rosy Silver

pink silver hair color ideas

Did we just say balayage? We meant the amazing rosy silver one, where the coldness of the silver is sweetened by the summery, feminine hues of marshmallow pink. Granted, you can consider this hair color as being two hair colors, but then again, if you are looking at the hair color trends these days, you will realize that monochrome hair is so yesterday.

2. Sterling Silver

sterling silver hair color ideas

This is not monochrome, as the sterling silver comes in an ombre/highlight style, but as silver hair color ideas go, such a creation is flawless. It does not make you look older if that is your fear, but it definitely makes you look stunning. If you have curly hair, the color and dyeing technique is even more helpful, as it allows your hair to look even more voluminous and textured. Do you notice those subtle hues of dusty gold? Those are art!

3. Roses are Red, Violets are… Silver

violet silver hair color ideas

These days, wearing purple and violet shades are not exclusive to angsty teens or the Goth cosplaying community. On the contrary, ever since Pantone made it official – and Ultra Violet is the color of this year – metallic violet, metallic lilac, silver purple, and everything in between are the silver hair color ideas of choice. Granted, the violet silver nuance is not pure, clean silver, but that is the main point of hair trends in 2018: plain and clean is boring, so mixing and messing around with color is the way to go. You heard it from us first: smoky lilac is going to be huge as hair colors go.

4. White Silver

white silver hair color ideas

You need a hair colorist to actually pull this color off, but it is not impossible. White silver is a bland of the classic platinum blonde, Elsa’s plain white hair, and modern metallic silver-white hair. This is not a matte white, as it comes with its own subtle metallic shine, and it is not blonde in the traditional sense of the word. It is something truly special and it needs work and maintenance. You can channel your inner Ice Princess with this hair color and stand out from the crowd all summer long.

Silver Hair Maintenance Tips

We saved the best for last because when it comes to silver hair and silvery tones and hues, maintenance is of utmost importance.

The first thing you need to know is that such amazing silver hair color results start with a serious hair bleaching process. It is true that nobody likes to damage her hair, but as maintenance goes, the process should begin before you even decide on the silver hue or coloring technique. So here are the before and after maintenance tips, you need to consider:

Before Silver Dyeing Your Hair

  • If your hair is already dyed, let the color fade naturally, as it is always better to start from your natural hair color;
  • Treat your hair with coconut oil to give it strength and moisture to resist the bleaching and coloring process;
  • Start using sulfate-free shampoos to preserve your hair’s natural moisture and boost its health and shine;
  • Get a reliable, performing bleaching kit if you want to dye your hair at home, or go to the salon; if you want to discover the secrets of the trade, contact a few reputable hair colorists for tips and advice.

After Silver Dyeing Your Hair

  • Your hair went through some harsh times, so refrain from washing it at least a week after you got your silver color; your hair needs time to replenish its lost oils and moisture due to the bleaching and coloring;
  • Always condition your hair before washing: give your hair and scalp a good rub with coconut oil and wait for an hour before the actual wash;
  • Keep using sulfate free shampoos – they will preserve the color and give your hair the health and shine it needs;
  • You can also use a color-depositing shampoo, but alternate it with a color-safe shampoo, so you do not accidentally change your color;
  • If some roots are starting to show, or some ends are fading, use a temporary silver rinse to boost the hair color and shine until you get your salon appointment. As you probably know by now, any excess of any kind will damage your hair, so mind the harshness of such products and always keep your hairstylist in the loop.

Gathering up our brushes…

silver hair color ideas and maintenance tips

These were our favorite silver hair color ideas of the day. Of course, there are many more and we will come back with news, tips, and freshly discovered trends as the warm season approach. Stay tuned and in the meantime, tell us what your favorite silver hair color is?

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