Spring is going to come back soon and all gloves will be off! Do you want to start this year with gorgeous nails and a powerful statement? Even if it is still cold outside, we can start looking for some dashing nail design trends for the spring to keep us inspired. Some of the 2017 nail trends are still here and going strong, while nail artists and especially nail stylists reveal interesting creations and ideas for the upcoming spring. If you took to heart our geometric nail art ideas for this year and you look for even greater inspiration, you have come to the right place. Let’s round up today the most intriguing nail design trends for the season!

1. Dark Matte Nails with Oriental Designs

nail design trends oriental flower patterns for spring 2018

Matte nails are still incredibly popular these days, but what 2018 brings new is the intricate designs with an oriental flair to them. Recently, nail experts saw floral designs as the new big trend. In a not-so-obvious nod to the upcoming season, Michael Costello, Creatures of Comfort or Christian Siriano showed off beautiful and feminine floral art in a myriad of nail designs. However, online nail expert Sabella “Bella” Snyder takes things up a few notches and mixes the floral art with the glamour and complexity of the orient. A true ode to sophistication, exotic mysteries, color, femininity and passion, these nails seem to be the next rage of the upcoming spring.

2. Jewel Appliques on Fierce Nail Designs

nail design trends jewelry applications for spring 2018

Jazzing up your manicure with rhinestones applications is not new, granted, but recent runway shows made clear for everybody that this nail design trend is going to stay and become even greater. To really welcome spring and defy the dull, depressing winter you need to go out and have some fun. In addition, nothing says “spring nightlife” better than a fierce manicure adorned with jewelry. Phillip Plein, Naeem Khan, and Libertine among others showed exquisite jewelry applications on all types of nails, be them bold stilettos or subtle and feminine short nails. Do you see that hint of purple in this design? Keep that in mind this year…

3. Beauty and the… Bug

nail design trends nude nails ladybugs spring 2018

Do not let the title fool you, this is one nail design idea that spoke to your laidback hearts and sense of humor. As you can see, the main concept relies on nude nails that are barely visible. In case you did not know, nude nails are one of the most important nail designs trends of the upcoming spring, taking new shapes and sizes since we last saw them in 2017. Promoted in 2018 by Marc Jacobs or nail artist Adam Slee, nude nails together with nude makeup are here to stay. Therefore, how about we attach a small and incredibly cute symbol of spring to our perfect nudes? Welcome the Ladybug (or the Butterfly) as harbingers of spring light, scent, color, life and amazing feminine and fun nail designs!

4. Violet Polka Dots

nail design trends violet polka dots spring 2018

There is no surprise here since Ultra Violet is Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018. As major fashion houses and interior designers are racing against each other to introduce this vibrant, bold, almost electric nuance in their creations, it is only logical to find violet and purple in nails design trends for this spring. Polka dots nails are not new either. If you want to follow the runway trends of sophisticated and abstract polka dots, take a look at what Moschino, Tadashi Shoji, and Byblos had to offer. If you want to preserve the fun, laidback, retro and cute style of the polka dots nails, make them purple/violet and you will become a trendsetter in your own rights!

Polishing up the conclusion…

What are your favorite nail design trends for this upcoming spring? Would you like to try one of the trends mentioned above, or do you want to experiment with something else? Use the comment section below to share your views and ideas on the next hot nail art trends of the season! Until next time!

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