Fringe haircuts usually exist in all shapes and sizes so that they can fit almost every face type. A fringe is actually one of the most versatile hairstyles and also one that can fit almost every person out there. Sure, there are limitations to what kind of fringes you can achieve, depending on your type of hair, its length or its texture. Still, it doesn’t really matter if you have an oval, heart or round face, there will always be a fringe hairstyle to suit your features perfectly.

Recently, fringe hairstyles have made a return (if they ever left in the first place), and you can now see this style on every red carpet or runway in the world. They are flattering and sometimes, a good fringe can make you trick the eye by wearing little to no makeup. After all, everyone will look at your hair. This year, fringe haircuts are all over the entertainment industry and there’s no reason why you should not copy them if you want. This is why he have created a list of some of the most inspiring fringe haircuts that you will surely want to try this year. Let’s begin!

1.      The choppy micro fringe

Let’s be real here, this type of fringe haircut requires some bravery. It’s not your usual pretty fringe hairstyle that you see often. Instead, it’s a bolder adaptation of a classic look which works especially if you already have a short fringe. Emma Watson’s fringe suits her perfectly and it will work best on an oval-shaped face. However, be careful! The micro fringe might become this year’s hairstyle sensation so if you don’t like it, we are terribly sorry.

2.      The smooth fringe

Bella Hadid’s smooth fringe is one of those looks that you can try without any problem at all. And while it is not recommended for absolutely any type of hair, like very fine hair, it will look amazing on any face shape. This fringe hairstyle looks extremely high fashion and will allow you to use minimal makeup even when going out because it will attract all the attention. And even if Bella’s fringe was a faux one, it’s still a completely doable hairstyle with natural hair. Want to achieve that smooth look? Make sure to use a good hair mask once every week.

3.      The parted fringe

This parted fringe look again, suits all face shapes and all hair types. It’s perfect if your fringe is now growing as you can create a very mature and elegant look with it. This is also the case of actress Chloe Grace Moretz, who usually likes her hair off her face. However, this time, she chose a different hairstyle which adds some dimension to her hair. And we love it!

4.      The super angled fringe

Again, this is a classic look that is making a return this year. The super structures, super angled fringe hairstyle is perfect for any occasion and will surely make you the star of any party. It’s perfect for girls with thicker hair as it will look like a beautiful curtain which adds mystery to any look. Who doesn’t love a little bit of mystery?

Wrapping it all up

So, what did you think about our list of fringe haircuts? Did you like them and if you did, are you willing to try some of them? They are very easy to do and look incredible. Tell us what you think down below!

Image source: wikimedia