Washing your hair may seem like the most natural and easy thing out there when it comes to your personal care. For some people this might be true, but for many others, it is not. Especially when you have long hair that gets dirty easily, washing it can become a nightmare. However, people should know that something as easy as washing your hair still has some rules that, if ignored, can lead to a hair disaster. Ok, we’re being overdramatic here but it’s still true. Because of this, and because not many people what mistakes they are making, we have prepared a list of hair washing mistakes that you do, and you should know more about.

There are a lot of things that influence our hair’s natural behavior, from the water we’re washing it with, to its temperatures or how often we wash it. While it’s all a matter of preference after all, you would do well to at least theoretically know more details about these frequent mistakes that so many people are making, some without even realizing it. So, here we go!

1.      You follow advice

You probably know how many people are saying to stop washing your hair too frequently or otherwise you’ll damage it. Well, you can forget them and their advice. The idea is in reality very simple. You should wash your hair whenever you feel it’s necessary. As long as you do the washing correctly, you can wash your hair everyday or every week. It doesn’t matter. However, staying with your hair dirty for over five days is a bit too much, the same way as washing your hair daily is. But it’s your choice in the end! It’s also important to know that the seasons affect our washing routine. In the summer you may need to wash it more frequently, while during winter, not so much.

2.      You don’t wash your hair enough

This is a problem that not too many people realize. Even if you wash your hair daily, this doesn’t mean that all the residue will be gone. Instead, you would do better to wash it twice every time. That first round of shampoo gets rid of the big and superficial dirt, while the second one cleans it completely. How do you figure out when it’s time to wash it twice? If the first round of shampoo doesn’t create too much foam, it’s the clear sign that you need to rinse and then repeat once more.

3.      You don’t choose the temperature wisely

It’s important to know that hot water opens the cuticle and improves the shampoo’s action. Cooler water closes the cuticle, and it’s perfect if you wish for a frizz-free hair. However, be careful to not use water that’s too hot because it dries out the hair and the scalp.

4.      You don’t rinse the way you should

Rinsing your hair is self-explanatory but you should be careful to do it the right way. Don’t rinse superficially but take your time and make sure that no shampoo or conditioner is left. The same strategy works before washing your hair. Simply stand under the shower for a few minutes to let the water wash away all the superficial dirt from your hair. Then begin shampooing.

Wrapping it all up

So, what di you think about our list of hair washing mistakes that many people do without even realizing? Are you one of those people? Will you avoid them from now on?

Image source: wikimedia