As much as everyone thinks that Fashion Week is only about the clothes, the shoes and the accessories that will dictate the journey of fashion over the following months, that is not entirely true. And while the outfits the models present will indeed act as valuable inspiration over the next period of time, we should not forget another very important statement: the hair. The New York Fashion Week was truly a preview of what we will see when it comes to hair in the fall. So, what can we expect from the next season? Hairstylists are proposing beachy and undone waves along with boldly-colored bobs and the eternal wet look. So, you will probably use your wave spray a lot more soon, according to what the trends are saying. And because usually, these runway styles are fairly difficult to follow, we have made a list of 4 New York Fashion Week 2018 fall hair trends that you will probably see everywhere. Just wait for it!

1.      Business in the front, braids in the back

Famous stylist Esther Langham is proposing a bold hair trend that might actually prove to be both stylish and comfortable. She simply sprayed a volume texture spray all over the model’s hair to add more body and definition. Then, she braided it, twisted it and finally, she pinned it up in the back. From the front, this hairstyle might not look like much. But from behind, it’s an entirely different story. This is a clear example of a perfectly wearable hair trend that will surely not go unnoticed.

2.      The edgy hairbands are back

Yes, it seems that those black, edgy, leather hairbands are making a comeback as proof that the ‘80s keep making a return. Tom Ford asked his models to wear them on the runway and they look amazing. Hairstylist Orlando Pita put their hair in messy and overly-texturized updos. Then, he used lots of bobby pins to keep the headbands in place. It indeed looked edgy and bold and very representative of Tom Ford’s style. Not sure if this hair trend will be seen on the street, but it’s definitely something to admire.

3.      The wet look

Hairstylist James Pecis used the famous wet look once again for Adam Selman. He styled some side-swept bangs by wetting the front part of the models’ hair. Then, he sprayed it with some volume spray, formed that unusual shape on their foreheads and secured it in place. Indeed, a not very wearable look but one that, if you are brave enough to try, will certainly turn some heads.

4.      Crazy, neon bob

Finally, Ghd fashion week ambassador Eugene Souleiman came up with some crazy-futuristic hair trends that transported the attendees into the future. Jeremy Scott thinks that in the year 3000, people will all wear neon bobs and look cool. For these looks, he straightened the models’ wigs and left them as they were. The color was crazy enough to draw all the attention in the world.

In the end

So, it seems that runways are not only for clothes at all, right? Here are 4 of the best New York Fashion Week 2018 fall hair trends that we are sure you wanted to see. What are your thoughts? Would you wear something like this? Let us know!

Image source: flickr