We previously talked about some of the best haircuts for diamond faces and for heart-shaped faces. Now, it’s time to discuss the best haircuts for square face, whose representatives are some of the most iconic and beautiful ladies in the entertainment industry. From Angelina Jolie to Keira Knightley and Sandra Bullock, they all have these beautiful features that make heads turn everywhere they go. And you might be one of those lucky women too! You simply need to make sure that you indeed possess a square face. It’s easy to do this. Simply take a picture of yourself and try to not smile. Then, print the photo and try to draw some lines that will define the contour of your face. It’s worth knowing that usually, the length and the width of a square face are similar. Also, the jawline and the cheekbones are prominent and to die for!

If you reach the conclusion that you have a square face rejoice! These women are some of the most photogenic and age really well. Plus, you no longer need a lot of contouring because your face already has that perfect contour. The only thing you need is a haircut that will amazing on you. This is why we have prepared a list of 4 of the best haircuts for square face for you to try. Here we go!

1.      Length is always an advantage

For those lucky ladies who have a square face, any haircut which derives from long hair will suit them like a glove.  So, you don’t need to chop those locks off you already have long hair. The only thing you need to add might be some well-defined layers. Also, a side bang will flatter your face and sweeten the overall look. Wavy or straight, it’s your choice! Any will look good!

2.      That romantic and flirty side braid

If you have a square face your cheeks should be fairly prominent. So, a romantic side braid can be the perfect choice for any type o face, but it will look even more stunning on a girl with a square face. Try some loose curls, then braid them loosely into a romantic do. You can even twist your bangs to add even more of a romantic flavor to the hairstyle. Also, your defined jawline will look mesmerizing with this style.

3.      A bob with an angle

If you don’t have long hair or would rather prefer to chop some of your locks off, an angled bob might be the solution for you. The longer pieces in the front will frame your face while the back side of the haircut is shorter. It will be very easy to style in the morning and will elongate and soften your features nicely. Actress Keira Knightley is one of those square-faced beauties who turn heads everywhere they go.

4.      Volume and curls

If a straight curtain of hair might not frame your features very well, we always have the fun curls and the crazy volume to play with. Do like Rihanna and feel free to experiment with volume. Use a curling iron to define some of these curls or simply add some volume spray at the roots for extra volume. Any color works so you don’t need to worry about that.

Summing it all up

What did you think about out 4 best haircuts for square face? If you do have a square face, will you try one of them? Tell us below is we inspired you to make some changes!

Image source: pexels