Just as you know, we love beauty tips from experts! From gorgeous nail art designs to weight loss tricks, and from bloggers to fashion specialists, we always want to learn from the best and most creative. Today we gathered a new round of beauty tips from experts that will help you look dashing with little effort and show off amazing makeup!

1. DIY Glossy Shadow Blending

A glossy shadow works brilliantly day and night. If you want to achieve a dramatic, yet subtle diva look, we have beauty expert Alexandra Spunt (co-author of the No More Dirty Looks book) telling you how to simply and efficiently achieve this goal. She says you should mix dark shades (like metallic brown, deep green or vibrant blue) with a creamy luminizer on the back of your hand and apply the blend. You will get a glossy, polished look in a matter of seconds.

2. Coconut Oil is the Ultimate Makeup Remover

You know we love coconut oil as a major ingredient in any beauty routine. We also love that beauty vlogger Julie Gutierrez also recommends using coconut oil as makeup remover. She says she adds a few drops of coconut oil on the cotton pad she already doused with her regular makeup remover. The coconut oil helps break out the makeup and slide off easier. It is worth mentioning that the extra drop of coconut oil also naturally hydrates and moisturizes the skin. It makes an incredible eye care product.

3. Sea Buckthorn Oil is Nature’s Gift to Our Skin

Do you know those blemishes, zits, pimples, and puffy areas on your face that seem to appear out of thin air only to ruin your day? We all know them and many of us use medicated creams and cosmetic lotions to keep them in check. On the other hand, health and beauty expert Jolene Hart promises us that sea buckthorn oil will render our skin perfect. The organic oil has high anti-oxidant properties and is Omega 3 rich. In other words, if you apply a few drops of the oil on the blemish or suffering area of your skin (face, hands, body), the problem will disappear overnight.

4. All That Glitter is… Keeping Your Manicure On

Alyssa Hertzig from The Sparkly Life is definitely one of those beauty editors you need to follow right now. Her tips and tricks on style and beauty, together with her amazing product reviews make her one of our favorite beauty specialists on the web. Now that we saw a few beauty tips from experts on skin care and makeup, we would like to tackle another of our favorite subjects: nails.

Alyssa teaches us how to keep a manicure for days with this simple trick: when a nail chips, instead of removing the polish and redo that nail (or entire manicure for that matter), just paint a coat of glittery polish over. It will hide the chip, make the nail(s) look textured, and save you plenty of time and resources with a new manicure. Alyssa says that you can repaint a new layer of glittery polish again when the nail (inevitably) chips for a second or third time.

Wrapping up…

These were our latest four beauty tips from experts! We will come back with more, just as you want us to! In the meantime, tell us what other beauty tricks and advice from experts you follow! Are there some incredible hacks you use that you would like to share with us?