If you want to use a hair gloss treatment, you need to know which steps you should follow when applying it. Every woman wants to have a healthy and shiny hair. Compared to a hair glaze, a hair gloss really penetrates the cuticle of your hair. Therefore, applying a hair gloss at home will offer you from two up to four weeks of shiny hair.

Beauticians recommend using hair gloss on highlighted or dyed hair. However, some women also use it on natural hair. Hair gloss does not contain ammonia or bleach. If you want to make sure you will obtain the best results, you should first try temporary glosses.

Let’s take a look at the methods you implement when using a hair gloss at home.

Method 1-Color-free hair gloss

First, you should purchase a clear gloss just to add some shine to your hair. This will also help to condition your hair without offering you a change of color. A color-free hair gloss helps at lowering your hair’s pH level.

To improve your hair’s current color, you should search for different color tones which are within the same range as your natural color. Opting for a warmer tone can help you boost the look of your skin tone, making your hair look shinier. However, if you want to get rid of brassiness, you can use a hair gloss treatment to make your hair locks shine. Such a treatment can easily repair your hair.

Method 2-Temporary hair gloss

Try out temporary hair gloss. Start by shampooing your hair and then thoroughly rinse it. Next, use approximately three pumps of hair gloss and apply it uniformly throughout your hair. You need to make sure that every strand of hair is saturated with hair gloss. After applying it, leave it in for at least 3 minutes. Then, thoroughly rinse your hair to remove the product.

Make sure you use your regular conditioner after rinsing the hair gloss. Rinse your conditioner too, and then dry your hair. Due to the fact that temporary hair gloss does not have a long-lasting effect, you will need to apply it many times every week. Specialists indicate that you can reapply hair gloss from 2 to 4 times per week.

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Apply a hair gloss treatment to your hair to make it more healthy and shiny.

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Method 3-Demi-permanent hair gloss

First, make sure the color you have chosen is either two shades lighter or two shades darker compared to the current color you have. Follow the instructions as indicated on the pack and do not leave it in more than you should. Set the alarm to avoid surpassing the recommended time. The way you shampoo and condition your hair can influence the effect of the hair gloss treatment.

Some demi-permanent treatments may last for approximately 28 shampoos, but this can vary from one product to another. Furthermore, this kind of hair treatment can also correct your hair color if you happen to have had a terrible coloring experience.

Summing up, these methods can help you obtain the best results after applying your hair gloss treatment. Make sure you purchase the right hair gloss and that you follow the instructions precisely.