Using a homemade eye cream to get rid of dark circles and wrinkles can help your skin look younger and revitalized. The wrinkles around the eyes will give away your age every time. That area is more delicate than the skin on the rest of your face.  Depending on the products you use, eye creams can diminish dark circles, tighten the area around your eyes, moisturize, hydrate and eliminate puffiness.

If you generally like using homemade treatments, make sure you own all the ingredients you need to make the best homemade eye cream. We all know that several eye products available on the market contain a lot of chemicals. Instead of benefiting your skin, they can also do a lot of damage containing many unnatural ingredients.

Therefore, a DIY eye cream can spare you the trouble of questionable chemicals and also the extremely high prices. Let’s take a look at some recipes for homemade eye cream.

Homemade eye cream – Recipe 1

The ingredients you will need are organic coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and a resealable container. If stored at room temperature, coconut oil tends to solidify. Therefore, it is advisable for you to put 2-3 tablespoon of organic coconut oil into a bowl and microwave it for 10 seconds. Next, you puncture 5-8 Vitamin E oil capsules and mix this oil with the coconut oil.

Make sure you blend this mixture well. Then, place it in the fridge for the cream to solidify. Once you start using it, there is no need for you to keep it in the fridge. The oils will not become rancid. You can apply this cream in the morning and at night.

Woman applying cream

A homemade eye cream can clearly help you eliminate puffiness and ameliorate wrinkles.

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Homemade eye cream- Recipe 2

To develop this recipe, you will need a resealable container, Vitamin E Oil, and Evening Primrose oil. Depending on how much eye cream you want to obtain, make sure you blend equal amounts of Vitamin E oil and Evening Primrose Oil. Keep this mixture in a resealable container. To apply the homemade eye cream, use a q-tip. Dab it into the mixture and follow the useful steps below for best results.

How to apply the eye cream

Because an eye cream travels organically, you should dot it half inch below the lower lash line and above the upper one. While sleeping, the eye cream will spread and travel by itself, being absorbed into the skin.

Here is a trick you might not have known: use your ring finger when applying the cream because this is the weakest finger. Therefore, you make sure that you will not apply too much pressure. After dotting the eye cream, you should pat the cream dots in for better absorption.

When making your own eye cream, you need to make sure you use Vitamin E Oil or Primrose Oil because they have anti=aging benefits. These ingredients make your skin look younger.

Summing up, these two recipes will help you keep your eye area hydrated and will eliminate puffiness. However, the results are not instantaneous, but after a few uses, you will notice the difference.