Who doesn’t want to look different? If you want to stay out of the crowd and become the center of attraction at the same time, coloring hair seems the most feasible option. You can flaunt your freshly colored hairs to the world and get the admiration all around. But with colors, there come the chances of your hairs becoming dry and damaged as well. Therefore a proper care and little extra efforts could cater your need of protecting them from the harmful effects of colors. Let’s get know-how as for how to lighten dyed hair naturally with some simple and easy to follow tips.


  1. Your Hair Type

    Every person has a different texture of hairs. You need to examine your hairs first as for whether they are dry, silky, curly or kinky on the basis of which you need to select the products for after care of coloring.

  2. Don’t Hurry for Shampooing

    It takes time for the colors to settle properly in the hairs. Wait for at least 2 days after coloring them so that color didn’t bleed away.

  3. Oiling Before the First Wash

    Oil acts as a protective guard for the freshly colored hairs while washing. Try to properly mask your hairs with oil before the first wash. This would help the color to get stabilize in the hairs.

  4. A Regular Trim is a Must

    Coloring damages the hairs to some extent no matter how branded colors you have used. While trimming helps to stop the damage of split ends to spread upwards, it would also make the hairs look fuller and denser at the end.

  5. Invest In The Right Product

    It is about your hairs so you need to invest some money on quality products. The market is flooded with color protecting shampoos and conditioners. Examine every product thoroughly and decide which will suit the best for your colored hairs.

  6. Do Not Wash Too Often

    Have you seen how the colors on the clothes get faded away after regular washing? Same goes with colored hairs. Therefore you have to cut down your intensity of washing the hairs. Color bleeds with every wash so minimize washing in order to retain the color for longer.

  7. Dry Shampoo For Clean Hairs

    Since you had to cut your wash, you can invest on a good dry shampoo to rinse your hairs in between showers.

  8. Prefer Cold Water For Hair Wash

    Hot water has the tendency to let your hair cuticles get a rise. This makes them more prone to damage and fall while combing. Rinsing hairs with cold water stabilize the color and seal it to the hair shaft more properly. It also minimizes the damage by sealing the cuticles on the scalp.

  9. Hydration is Necessary

    The hairs become dehydrated once they got colored and moisture loss of the hairs is the root cause of all damage. Hydrating them with natural products like banana, avocado, honey, and yogurt by making a DIY mask is the most feasible way to make them well moisturized and hydrated.

  10. Supply Extra Proteins to the Hairs

    It is okay if you are munching on protein rich food, if you have colored them then it’s time to provide extra nourishment to them with a protein coating. You need to apply egg mask to your hairs so that the lost protein can be regained in the hairs.

  11. Film Your Hairs With Oil

    Oiling is indeed necessary to maintain the vigor of the hairs but it becomes extremely important after coloring them. Whether your hair suits coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or jojoba oil, from now onwards you need to apply it thoroughly before every wash.

  12. Don’t Heat Too Often

    Ironing the hairs or drying them with a dryer although styles them easily but once you have got the color you need to become cautious before their use. Heating damages the hairs and colored hairs become more susceptible to damage by these styling tools.

  13. Take Dips With Caution

    If you love swimming and spending time under water you need to take extra care of your hairs. The water in the pool is chlorine treated and therefore wearing a swim cap becomes utmost important. Filming the hairs with oil or leave-in conditioner proves really beneficial before taking the dip in the pool.