As a new season begins, our wardrobe needs a refreshing change to suit the changes in the climate. Along with the outfits, you can change the clothing color combinations to reflect the incoming season. The color combinations you pair together have the power to make or break an outfit. While it might seem odd at first, checking out and experimenting with different color combinations is one of the best ways to build your new and refreshed wardrobe. Yes, piecing together good color combinations that work can be hard to do. That is why we have put together a list of unique and balanced color combinations that work well with this season.

Dark Green and Bright Yellow:

The contrast between the dark green and bright yellow colors work well with formal, business casual and casual chic outfits. This fresh, bright and crisp color combination is meant to enhance as it is vibrant and screams action. However, do not go overboard with color blocking as it can clutter the outfit. Go for a satin full-sleeved top with black straight pants and a bright yellow cardigan. Pair it with stilettoes, heeled wedges or work shoes.

Blue and Orange:

This color combination complements every skin tone, and the colors contrast well with each other. You can use this color combination to wear outfits to every occasion ranging from casual, informal, business casual and formal. This color combination offers a put-together look that is sharp and beautiful. Match an orange crop top with a neutral colored pencil skirt and a structured blue blazer. Wear the outfit with a pair of oxford shoes, loafers or heeled sandals.

color combination

Pastel Blue and Pale Pink:

While this combination might seem weird, it actually works very well together. The soft blue and pink colors complement each other well to give a very feminine and cute look. You can soften up a tough look by incorporating these colors. The pastel blue dress compliments every skin tone. You can wear a pastel blue lace dress with a pale pink cardigan. Match it with a pair of espadrilles or sandals for a fun and cool look.

Light Tan and Dark Maroon:

While tan colors can make an outfit look drab, it can also look great when styled right. Tan colors look great on almost every skin tone while the dark maroon contrasts well with the skin. Go for a tan colored romper and pair it with a dark maroon jacket. Wear it with a pair of matching sneakers, wedges or stilettoes for a polished look.

color combination

Black, White, and Grey:

Take monochromatic clothing color combinations up a notch by pairing black, white and grey together. Giving a professional and classy vibe, this tri-color combination can take a dreary piece of clothing to a whole new level. Use this color combination in an outfit by wearing a stylish blouse and cigarette pants. You can also wear a romper that shows off this tri-color combination. Match it with a pair of pumps, wedges or stilettoes for a complete look.

Navy Blue and Pearly White:

The dark navy blue color has the power to make the skin look radiant or washed out. But when you pair it with pearly white, the outfit and skin tone look spruced up. You can wear navy blue and pearly white outfits to informal, business casual and formal events. Wear a cute navy blue dress with pearly white detailing. Match it with a pair of heeled wedges, sling back heels or heeled oxford shoes for a well put-together look.

color combination

Soft Red and Bright Beige:

This killer color combination is great for all skin types and tones. Appropriate for any kind of occasion, you can easily style this color combination with any kind of outfit. The soft red color complements the beige color while letting the red shine out. Wear a stylish dress that incorporates these two colors together. Match this outfit with a pair of heeled espadrilles, sandals and ankle boots.

Dark Purple and Lime Green:

Dark purple is a dull color, so liven the color up by matching it with bright lime green. The contrast between dark purple and lime green not only brightens up the outfit, but also perks up any skin tone. Among the hot colors of the season, this color combination can be found in many wholesale women’s clothing catalogues. Wear a dark purple dress with a lime green structured coat. Wear it with a pair of stilettoes, heeled wedges or heeled sandals.

color combination

Deep Coral and Jet Black:

Coral is an enriching color that makes any skin tone look radiant and beautiful. Jet black sets off against the skin quite well. Pairing the two colors together is not just trendy, but also provides amazing clothing color combinations. Go for a coral tank top and pair it with black slacks. You can also wear a black lace crop top with a coral pencil skirt. Match your outfit with a pair of cut out heels or ankle strap heels.

Burnt Orange and Light Grey:

Contrasting each other while complementing almost every skin tone, this color combination can be worn to any kind of occasion. If you have a grey colored outfit that needs to look refreshing, pair a burnt orange piece with it. Wear a checked grey jumpsuit and a burnt orange blazer on top. Pair it with work shoes, heeled sandals or wedges.

color combination

Deep Turquoise and Dark Gold:

A unique color combination, deep turquoise and dark gold look quite rich together and adds a sense of elegance to any outfit. As both colors are powerful and bright, any outfit featuring these two colors will look striking and stunning. Wear a deep turquoise tank top with a pair of wide-legged pants. Top the look with a fitted dark gold cardigan. Match the outfit with a pair of heeled wedges or stilettoes for a polished look.

Chocolate Brown and Milky White:

A classic color combination, chocolate brown and white adds richness to the look while making your skin look creamy. The two colors complement the skin quite well, making any outfit look classy and cute. Go for a white crocheted lace crop top and chocolate brown slacks. You can also wear a white turtleneck top with a long brown pencil skirt. Match your outfit with chunky heels, ankle boots or pumps for a sophisticated look.

combination colorRefreshing your wardrobe almost always includes changing your usual color combinations. When you build a new wardrobe for a new season, it can be tough to figure out the colors that go well together. However, with our long list of trending color combinations, update your personal preferences and rock this season with style!

Let us know which is your favorite color combination in the comments below!


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