Most victims of arthritis agree that they experience immense pain from their joints which affect movement. Arthritis comes from inflammation of the joint muscles that also comes with unbearable stiffness. Though there are different kinds of arthritis, the most common form is osteoarthritis. This continues to worsen as you age. Doctors believe that the intense pain from this condition is due to the wearing and tearing of your joints as you age.

There is also rheumatoid arthritis that comes from your immune system working against the joints. What makes these conditions worse is that their medicines have side effects that can be an additional burden on a patient. That is why we will give you natural remedies to help you cope with arthritis without exposing yourself to side effects. Find out more!


Take Action With Your Arthritis Pain

Accepting your diagnosis can help you find peace with your condition. This will help you move on to how you can live with it. Come up with a plan as you include your loved ones to help them make some adjustments at home to accommodate your condition. Your plan can also include your doctor to arrange when to visit and when you need special care. Make goals such as living healthy, being positive, and consuming nutritious meals a priority.

Make Use of Hot Therapy

You can reduce the pain in the joints by using cold and hot treatments. Enjoy long showers when you wake up. Use warm water to minimize the stiffness. Place a heating pad that is moist on your joints to make them loose. You can also get an electric blanket to keep your bones warm at night.

Cold therapy takes care of any swelling or inflammation on particular joints. You can use ice cubes in a paper to press them on the swollen areas to get relief from the pain. Others prefer wrapping frozen vegetables with a towel and using it against the areas. They both work.


Cut Down On The Weight

Excess weight adds pressure on the joints, making you experience severe pain. If you could manage to get rid of some of this weight, you would reduce the pain. It can also help you achieve better movements and prevent further joint damage.

You can cut it down through particular exercises that are comfortable and less painful. Move even if it is a short distance a day to make your joints more flexible. There are specific exercises for arthritis such as water aerobics that do not add pressure to the joints. Join a swimming class and practice regularly.

Get More Information

We mentioned that arthritis is different. Know which form you have through your health providers. Find out what to expect from it as well as the side effects of your medication. You can also find more information from the web by joining an online support group to learn more from similar patients. You can also pose some questions to your physical therapist to understand what you should not do to worsen the pain.


Consider Acupuncture

This is a form of therapy that has been found to reduce joint arthritis pain. An acupuncturist inserts needles on particular areas of your body to restore balance and reroute energies in your body. Lots of tests have been conducted to ascertain that it is useful. You only need to get a certified professional to perform it.

Listen To Your Emotions

Studies reveal that most patients with this condition can get depressed. Watch out for signs such as a change in appetite, fatigue, lack of enough rest, or overthinking. If you experience any of this, let a family member know so that they can help you not get into depression.

Take Fatty Acids

Your diet is vital when you are dealing with joint pains. It is what determines the intensity of pain after food is deposited in different body parts.  Fatty acids are essential for a person coping with arthritis since they minimize joint stiffness and the pain.

You can get this nutrient in omega-3 or plants such as black currants, primrose, or hemp. You can also get the seeds in the form of supplements. Talk to your doctor about which fatty acids you need and if it safe for your body to prevent side effects.

Supplement Your Diet With Turmeric

This Indian spice has a curcumin chemical that minimizes arthritis pain. It also works on joint inflammation thanks to its properties. You will love the taste of the spice and also benefit from it.


Go For Regular Massages

There are lots of massage therapists that can help you minimize the pain and stiffness in your joints. Massaging also enhances your mobility and makes you more flexible. Your therapist can also teach you self-massage techniques for you to do at home without help.

Take Herbal Supplements

You will find lots of herbal supplements that claim to reduce the pain of arthritis. That is why you should consult your doctors to get one that is effective, and that does not interfere with your medication. Some of them include boswellia, devil’s claw, ginkgo, and bromelain.

Find Healthy Techniques To Deal With Stress

Arthritis pain makes some people turn to alcohol to numb it for a while. This only gives you temporary relief. You may experience stress from arthritis, but knowing how to cope with it positively is crucial. Stress triggers some hormones that have a direct impact on your immune system. The effect is inflammation of your joints.

You can try some techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, music, and connecting with nature. Invest in a hobby and use innovative ways to express yourself. Try to avoid staying isolated for long periods of time, which will cause stress.  The reduction of stress translates to less swelling and a drop in the pain.

Final Thoughts

Arthritis may be a painful chronic illness, but you can make it just one part of the story instead of the entire narrative. You can achieve this by developing resilience. It keeps you moving forward both physically and mentally. You can start by using the tips above to help you get past your pain, anger, or frustration. You can do it!

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