Food is a substance which is used to keep the organism balanced with proper nutritional sustainment. But the more important part of it is to eat healthy without any extraneous consumption of unwanted food. Such intake of food will result in gaining the weight exorbitantly. Remember, it is very easy to gain weight but, it is very difficult to reduce weight. Gaining weight occurs due to the consumption of food containing saturated fats like coconut oil, meat, chicken, cookies, etc. Reduction of this foodstuff would certainly add to the considerable weight loss and bestow you with a healthy life.

Just because you have a healthy diet, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a regular exercise. You need to do your regular basic exercises and also lift weights accordingly to keep the metabolic rate of your muscles stable. Added to lift weighting, working with trampoline also improves the metabolism of the body and increase the blood circulation. So, you need to be careful on both your diet and workouts as there are various factors which reduce the metabolism of the muscles due to improper consumptions which eventually results in adding up weight to the body. Metabolism in the aged people is very low due to the contraction of muscles which is caused by gradual cell deaths. Always, keep your body fit by following healthy principles and avoiding the mistakes which you often do. Listed here are some of the often committed mistakes in maintaining a healthy body.


Snacks are mini meals which are consumed between the regular meals. This means the person stores excess fat in his body which is a really fatal health issue. We might have come across some people who have the habit of snacking around throughout the day. Night time snacking is the utmost unhealthy practice which might ruin the entire health of the person. Stop snacking to get better and hygienic body results.

mindless eating

Undo workout

Some persons get frustrated on their regular workout as they want to rest in the morning hours. In other words, lazy! But they would have a healthy intake of food without saturated fats. But this passive habit will eventually lead to the declination of your health concentration tempting you to graze all kinds of food. So, whatever may be your food practice it is essential to maintain your regular workouts to keep your body fit and healthy.

Fried items

Fried food items are really high risky food which would prove to be fatal causing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, etc. These fried items are more prevalent in the hotels and restaurants which use hydrogenated oil to cook these fried items. This hydrogenated oil has a high Trans fat content which is often reused in the hotels making the situation worse. Avoiding such fried foodstuff is really an escape from a narrow death.

Skipping breakfast

Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands during times of stress. In the morning these cortisol levels go high because the stomach would be empty and eating something would bring it down. Skipping the breakfast would increase the cortisol to a higher level and thus making you lose concentration and makes you anxious which would also induce your consumption during lunch hours. So, skipping the breakfast is an intense bad idea to reduce your weight.

After dinner treats

Dinner for anyone should be light enough to allow your body to do its job easily. Some people after taking dinner sit for a chat; but during the chat, they start to eat foods like sugar, tea, coffee etc. which would give you a bad result. It is always better not to eat anything after having dinner to maintain your health.


Alcohol has never been a part of a balanced diet. Every single ounce of alcohol regardless of its type gives ample calories which promote excessive appetite thus leading to weight gain. To reduce the irritation caused by the alcohol you would be forced to eat something which would lead to serious obesity issues. Moreover, alcohol accumulates weight in males faster than females.

mindless eating

No sleep

There are numerous people who don’t sleep properly at night. They get addict to some sort of recreational equipment which makes them sit idly ruining both mental and physical health. The more you are deprived of sleep the more you increase your cortisol level resulting in hysterical appetite. As we have discussed earlier, this appetite would certainly add to your weight gain. Adequate sleeping would bring you out of stress thus leading you in a healthy track.

No games and play

Men and women from the last decade were very much involved in the outdoor games like hunting, fishing, tennis, volleyball etc. but today’s men are very much involved and have immersed themselves in the recent invention of smart phones. Moreover, it has also attracted many of the kids and youngsters also into it which has reduced the amount of play. So there is no proper relaxation and workouts for your muscles leading to weight gain.

Don’t be a couch potato

Couch potato doesn’t mean a potato but, it refers to individuals who always lie on the couch for the sake of comfort. This state of lying down without any work is called active inactive state which would be very much easy for the fat cells to deposit excess fat resulting in weight gain.


Artificial sweeteners

Whatever may be the types of sugar; natural or artificial, sweeteners are always adding to the weight gain. When we consume a food which has artificial sweeteners it incites the thought to consume more and more junk food unmindful about the health. As a whole, sugar items should be avoided as much as it could be to live without and disease.

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